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Baxil's one of the first people I Internet-met, and the only one of those that I still follow in any sense. He's cool. There are some pics of him on his Deviantart, but they're not particularly detailed, so I had to make some up. They all have sad eyes, so this does too.

Dotted lines are an attempt to figure out the facial topography.
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Oh wow! Thank you! Discovering this before heading off to bed, so I don't have anything particularly coherent to say yet, but I dig it!
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Where. Are. Your EARS?

Saddest thing to be annoyed by while drawing ever, I know. :P
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Most of what's visible on the "face" is a single plate of armor-like material; the actual ear holes themselves can be assumed to be out of view underneath.

Or maybe the horns are hollow and function as microphone pickups. ;-p ;-)
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Fair enough. I put visible ears on pretty much everything, so I get antsy when I make something without them.