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Wheel Of Time - Westland map


Map of the Westlands, the continent where The Wheel of Time saga by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson afterwards) takes place.

The base picture is the map provided in the books, which I enriched by marking down all of the places and elements mentioned in the saga, trying not to miss anything. I also included elements from the official WoT RPG and MUD.
Some of the names on the map are preceded by an asterisk: These are places whose exact location is uncertain. I tried to figure it out as accurately as possible basing on the available data, the only elements I have excluded from the map despite
knowing their names are those for which there was no information at all, not even an indication of which part of the continent they are located.

I created the map as a help to my role as Dungeon Master (I'm mastering a D&D campaign set during WoT events) and seeing the interest I have raised in the Wheel of Time community I'm part of I decided to share it.
As far as I know, this is the most complete and correct map available yet.

Should you find any error in this map, please let me know and I will fix it. :)

13/05/17 - original file
14/05/17 - "Arith Ocean" fixed in "Aryth Ocean"
19/05/17 - second
"Arith Ocean" fixed in "Aryth Ocean", adjusted Jeramel location.
20/09/17 - due to reread of the saga, I've added a few elements and fixed a few locations. Grid removed.
13/10/17 - fixed Shienar northern towns.

01/12/17 - fixed Shienar northern towns.
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Thank you 💖

this is a great resource for following the series. I did note that your placement of the portal stone near Tear needs to be moved closer, according to the legend that portal stone is 2 days travel from Tear when they only traveled a few hours to find it

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Thanks, I'll fix it the next time I'm updating the map!

Thanks so much for your great work on this map. I have just started my third reading of the series and want to pay more attention to details this time. So this map will be perfect. Thanks again.

Thank you very much for this map! I had been burning my eyes with a lower resolution of this map until I tracked down the source to you (your watermark was illegible with so many pixels lost). Congratulations on your work!

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I know, legibility of the map isn't top notch. ^^' I made it for personal use and didn't design it to be "beautiful", just a tool for my campaign. I'm glad to hear you fount it useful, and yes, you should definitively download the full-size file so you can read the tiny names in the most crowded places.

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It's about bloody time I leave a comment here thanking you for putting this together. I've been rereading the series over the past year or so, and I have found myself referring back to this map constantly. So again, thank you so much for this comprehensive version of the map. It has helped me wrap my head around the movements of the various characters in a way I have never before been able to.

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I'm glad to hear it, thanks! :D

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Very cool - although my interpretation of the battle of Malkier is that the forces of light were losing and pushed back the dark at the Stair of Jehaan. Since the seven towers had already fallen, it would make sense then that the stair would be south of the towers.

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Uhm, I must have missed that point. I'll fix it next time I edit the file, thank you! :)

Hey! Excellent map, by far the best one I've seen so far. The nations' borders especially are tricky, since the books don't give much there, but I may have spotted a small mistake. In The Towers of Midnight, Rodel Ituladre mentions that he and Bashere share some mutual respect and formality: after all, while Arad Doman and Saldea were never at war, two countries who "share a border" can't help but experience certain tensions. However, your map doesn't show a shared border, and rather has a "dead" region of land (the one includding Stedding Mingtai) separating the two states. Maybe something to look at?
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Thanks for the comment! You made a good point. But I didn't draw the borders of the nations, they were already in the map. The base of this map is the official one provided in the US edition of the books (at the best quality I could find on the web). Starting from that, I deleted all of the names and re-typed them in, along with all of the other places I could locate by reading the books (the original map only mentioned the capitals and a few major cities).

Very nice map! I do have a question for you though.

I'm currently working on a homebrew roleplaying system for the Wheel of Time, and I was wondering if you would be okay with me using this map as the map within the rulebook, with credit and a link, of course!

Thank you!
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Glad you liked it. :D Sure, feel free to use it, I put it on DA for other WoT readers to use it. Just one problem if you plan to print it in a manual, I thought this map to be used as a digital file, some places are really packed with names (The Two Rivers and Shienar, for instance) and you need to zoom in to clearly read the map. Also, it's more like a DM reference, so it's not that good-looking. XD

What kind of system is it going to be? d20? Have you read the official The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game?
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looks really good, helps keeping track throughout reading that expansive story
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Nice detail. Is this map from a game? Or something you just came up with?
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It's a map of the Westlands, the continent where The Wheel of Time saga by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson afterwards) takes place.
The base picture is the map provided in the books, I located and marked down all off the places mentioned in the books.
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Hmm. Nice job! Expecially for a voluntary idea.
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