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New 52 Joker Cosplay

By JoynerStudio
Joker, New 52, Cosplay. Makeup designed and created by Lee Joyner and Midge Ordonez. Hair by Kaity Licina, modeled by Alex Ward. Applied for Cinema Makeup School at 2013 Comic-Con, SD. 4 piece foam latex application with 2 piece internal/external dental appliances and hand-tied lace hairpiece. Based on the most excellent New 52 Joker created by Scott Snyder and Gregory Capullo for DC Comics.
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Top notch quality there folks! There's your Covid mask!

JoynerStudio's avatar

Haha, indeed!!! Thank you :)

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You're welcome. ;-)

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wow! Awesome what a face get me nightmare! Withered Balloon Boy/Girl Intensifies! (Chat Icon) 
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This looks far better then my own plastic new 52 joker mask.
JoynerStudio's avatar
You're too kind, thank you!
Jokerfan79's avatar
That's alright 
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EmmetEarwax's avatar
Is it any wonder why I will not read DC anymore ?
HandsomeGamerGuy's avatar
That is awesome.
Looks rly rly good and creepy as fok
Flightless-Wingz's avatar
Intensely beautiful! In a creepy, badass kind of way, of course Harley Quinn 

All the little things you did to add to the realism really paid off, I imagine it took a lot of time, but it was clearly well worth it, I mean WOW. Joker Clap Avatar 

Usually, the more you look at these kinds of things, the more apparent it becomes that it's a mask, and super fake but I really can't tell here. It's very cool, no really clear boundary where the makeup ends. I love it!
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Thank you!  One of the more subtle things I had to do was make the ears larger to balance out the change in length of the face, so he's also wearing full ear appliances.
Flightless-Wingz's avatar
Wow! I had no idea they weren't his actual ears, that's very impressive!
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Omigosh this looks awesome!!!
Jokerz-1824's avatar
Why the hell did the Joker do that to himself?!
JoynerStudio's avatar
To pretend he was killed during a prison riot...
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Cut off his own face
CrossroadSymmetry's avatar
That mask is insane!
BlackholeVenus1987's avatar
Wow badass mask. Love it
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