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Those in charge have abused their powers, but no one is stopping them. Innocent people are getting hurt. Friends are breaking apart. People you trust are showing their true colors.
Who can you trust? Is everyone really what they say they are? What is happening? 
What is happening to our world?


She’s the girl that has a few best friends & doesn’t need anyone, the girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes.

The girl that expects way too much.

Doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and is nice to everyone.

She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back & say sorry.

That kinda girl that will put all her trust in you until you give her reason not to.

She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her, the girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up.

She’s the girl who never sleeps without her teddy bear by her side, she’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is.

She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you.

                                                                                                                                 She believes in loving someone forever.

Just joined today, hope I like it. :)