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Wishing For Spring by JoyJinn Wishing For Spring :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 3 0 Jasper by JoyJinn Jasper :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 3 0
Pheonix part 2: ''Mr. Phantom, sir?''
“This chair is too hard.” I complained. “Can I switch seats?”
“Ya, sure.” Phantom said with a wave. He was busy with something on Mr. Bass’ desk.
I changed chairs, and then waited a few moments before piping up.”Mr. Phantom, this chair is too tall. Can I please switch seats?”
Again I got the wave.
I waited a few more moments before complaining again. “Mr. Phantom, this chair is too wobbly. Can I please switch seats?”
“My name is not Phantom, it is Jordon Dracker! And what should I care if you switch seats? Go ahead, be my guest!” He yelled. “Now be quite.”
I switched seats, waited a few minutes before asking. “Mr. Jordon Dracker, I need a glass of water. Please?”
“Go get one.” He growled.
A few minutes later, “Mr. Jordon Dracker?”
No answer.
“Mr. Jordon Dracker.”
Again no answer.
“Mr. Jordon Dracker!” I yelled at the top of my little lung
:iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 1 0
Pheonix part 1: Curious Little Me
I can remember when I first learned about the Pheonix.
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time… or the right place at the right time, whichever way you want to look at it.
I was 6 years old at the time, a young girl who was too curios for her own good.
My mother had brought me to the bank for the first time.
I was so excited! All the cool things there are at a bank!
It was one of those fancy stylish banks, the kind with fancy oak trimming and velvet everywhere.
Oh, how soft that velvet was!
I was feeling it, marveling at the soft silky texture, when my young ears caught a click from down the hallway.
Curios little me couldn’t leave well enough alone.
I walked my little self down that hallway, and into one of those fancy offices the boss people had.
When I went through those doors, I saw a sight I would remember for a while.
Two men stood in the middle of the room, one wearing a business suit with his hands up in the air, the other wearing a long black cloak and a white m
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The Small Joys in Life by JoyJinn The Small Joys in Life :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 2 2 Mexican Blue 2 by JoyJinn Mexican Blue 2 :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 5 0 Mexican Blue by JoyJinn Mexican Blue :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 3 0 Alone by JoyJinn Alone :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 3 0 Cleo Jinn 5 by JoyJinn Cleo Jinn 5 :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 7 0 Lady Frost by JoyJinn Lady Frost :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 5 0 Navinne by JoyJinn Navinne :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 5 0 Nevada by JoyJinn Nevada :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 2 0 CosmicBubbles76 by JoyJinn CosmicBubbles76 :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 2 2 Rey by JoyJinn Rey :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 2 0 Zendaya/Michelle by JoyJinn Zendaya/Michelle :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 15 2 Cleo Jinn 4 by JoyJinn Cleo Jinn 4 :iconjoyjinn:JoyJinn 2 0

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Pray for an end of Mingi
Among some tribes in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia
certain children are considered Mingi (Impure, Ritually polluted)
Reasons for being declared Mingi are:
Being born out of wedlock.
Being the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Being born a twin.
Being born with a cleft lip or palate.
Being born with some sort of deformity or imperfection.
Having one's genitals injured in some way.
Having ones teeth develop in the upper jaw before the lower jaw.
Chipping a tooth during childhood.
Children declared Mingi are considered cursed by the spirits.
It is believed that if allowed to live a Mingi child will bring misfortune to the community.
Children declared Mingi are either abandoned to die or killed outright.
Mingi children are either drowned, starved, or, in the case of infants,
have dirt stuffed in their mouths so that they choke to death.
Please, please pray that this evil practice stop!
:iconseekhim:SeekHim 320 1,045
Pilgrim's Progress: Chained Lions by DouglasRamsey Pilgrim's Progress: Chained Lions :icondouglasramsey:DouglasRamsey 185 49
Praise GOD for His Creation
Almighty GOD, You are the Creator of all things
And I stand in awe of You.
All things were made by You, Lord God.
For Your purpose and pleasure were all things made.
In eternity past You created the realm of heaven
A place unspeakable in it's beauty
A place where You humbled Yourself to dwell.
Although it could never fully contain You.
You created the multitudes of angels to be Your servants.
The Seraphim, the Cherubim, the archangels and countless others.
Magnificent beings like flames of fire.
All of them filled with glory and majesty.
All of which made the heavens resound with ceaseless praises to You.
You created the physical realm with all it's wonders.
You formed this planet from nothing and shaped it's corners.
You pushed back the darkness and caused the light to shine.
You created the sky and stretched it out like a blanket.
At your command the mighty oceans were made.
With a simple breath, You pushed them to their boundaries.
The waters foamed and roared and made way for the l
:iconseekhim:SeekHim 39 20
Being a Christian
Many people think that they are Christians because they belong to a congregation.
Others think its because they come from a Christian background.
Others think its because they were born in a certain country.
Or because they believe in God and do good works.
It's not like that at all.
Being a Christian isn't belonging to a congregation.
It isn't walking down an aisle or being baptized.
It isn't just saying "I believe in God."
It isn't even following the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.
Being a Christian means believing that Jesus Christ is who He said He is;
The Son of God and the only way to heaven.
It means making a total commitment to Jesus Christ.
It means making Him the Savior and Master of your life.
:iconseekhim:SeekHim 205 143
I will always love you by daekazu I will always love you :icondaekazu:daekazu 12,779 720
A Way Of Saying Me
I am a servant, a messenger, a princess and a warrior. I am constantly in battle against The Evil One. My true father is The King of Kings, who is at war with The Evil One. I tell of the ageless battle, and recruit people to The Kings side. I know of a secret code in which I can get counsel from The King, so if The Evil One tries to get to it, he will not understand. I have never met with The King personally, but I know he is looking after me. He has placed me in  the care of my Mom and Dad, who told me and my younger sister of our royal heritage. They read to me letters The King sends to me whether they be orders into battle, a message to send, or just words of encouragement. I find myself dreaming of the day I retire and move into the castle, and to finally see The Kings face. I have many brothers and sisters all over the land . Some of us group up three times a week to discuss an attack plan against The Evil One, who constantly attempts to corrupt us, sometimes winning. We disc
:iconsammykh:Sammykh 8 10


Wishing For Spring
I was going through my pictures, and I saw this one, and I just started crying. It's April, and we have -25 degrees C, and snow up to our waist. Why do I live in Canada?

JK, I love it up here.
This is a drawing of my annoying little pony Jasper. He is such a funny little guy.
This is my second attempt at drawing a more detailed horse, if anyone can give me some feedback that woukd br great. :)


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