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Hey everyone! Some of you might already know, but here it is again, just because it's a pretty big thing for me. :,3

The title probably gives it away but hey, I just released my Debut Album, Towards Eternity! (^O^)

The Album can be found here:
Debut Album - Towards Eternity

I worked really hard for this. :,3 All the songs are completely original, made from scratch and all dat snazz. :,D I hope you'll listen to the songs and consider purchasing the album. (^_^)

Lyrics for the songs can be found on the Album page. If you hover over the song, a lyric button should pop up to the right side of the title. Click it and the lyrics will be shown. :3

Many thanks to the people who has already purchased the Album. I'm so happy. (;A; ) And of course, thanks to the people who plan to purchase it! :,D

Thanks for your wonderful support! I would not have reached the point where I'm at if it weren't for you guys! <3

- JoyDreamer
Okay guys. I know I don't upload too much art here, BUT things are about to change! (_)

Some of you might already know, but some of you don't. So here it goes!

I opened a Voice Drama Channel!!! *trumpets in the background*
It's called Voice of the Valkyrie!!! *more trumpets*
It's gonna get filled with Original Stories, Art, Music and Voice Acting!!! *trumpets keep-* AAH! STOP IT ALREADY! *noises of trumpets being destroyed*

It's a HUGE project so I hope ya'll will stop by to check it out!
Voice Drama Channel

Also I created a DA especially for some of the art showed on Voice of the Valkyrie

Thaaaat's about it. :3
Weeee, thanks for reading everyone! <3

- JoyDreamer
Hey everyone!

I guess you can call me a n00b here!
Soooo, be nice to me! :3


- Joy