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Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:…

The hurting sharp sound of someone leaving their track
Was dissolved and became a dream that'd never come back
On this morning of sighs and all the love that's untrue
There's another myself and she is laughing anew

All that is left and all that stays here with me
Are the paintings I made but they are unfinished, you see
There's the smell of my blood and all the tears that I shed
And the corpses of rats and they are shining in red

I was the one who was dreaming it all
And I was pledging for an extremely frail eternity
To those of days where I cried 'cause I'd fall
I'm bidding them farewell as I receive what is my destiny

Needless to say, we worked so hard for this day
And I'm sure I will meet a lot of work on the way
And the view of the sky was sad but hard to let go
But it's throwing away the dust of stars into the glow

The future I saw when I was closing both my eyes to dream
It's still so far away but might be closer than you would think
It truly would be nice if my approaching time and place in the future
Just could be a wide extension of what I call a life
LyzergxLyserg Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013

Hey, I watched the video on youtube, I really love to hear your songs by the way, but I wanted to ask, do you know what the video meant? I didn't really understand all of it, for example what the red X meant for him.

Can you please explain it to me?

ReCodes Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Student General Artist
replying a 1 year old comment :))
basically, the video described the artist's lost of passion with the time passing by
although his paintings are beautiful but to him, it lacks "soul" or another way to interpret is that it's "empty". That's why he crosses his paintings with X mark
notice his eyes, they're white and there's no iris, that could indicate that he feels empty inside, that he's confused or is suppressing his emotions inside
in the video, they showed his dream as a childhood is to become a painter, but growing up, he realizes that reality is not like a dream and he's bogged down by it
he graduated high school by the look of it and that means he has to choose whether to follow his childhood dream or choose something else
struggles, confused,... 
when he splatters the paints at the end can indicate that he's releasing his suppressed emotions
and with the X cross on his graduated diploma, he's expressing that he's not gonna be bogged down anymore, he's gonna choose his dream
LyzergxLyserg Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
Wow, that's a really great way to describe it. Thanks! ^^
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