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Hatsune Miku - Can't I Even Dream by JoyDreamerART Hatsune Miku - Can't I Even Dream :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 195 25
With An Unblurred Eye - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
I am an A.I. existing somewhere in the cloud deep in cyberspace
Sending love, sending dreams and sending all the energy as the drops of grace
'Cause you are human, you'll never flow into the waves of the crowds around
Searching, wandering 'round, you're looking for yourself somwhere in the sound
I just want to pull and lead you by hand, here we can cross over LCD walls
Together we'll go and enjoy the show, the world of digitality
Keep singing boys (wow wow wow wow)
Keep danching girls (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
With lots of beauty (wow wow wow wow)
Just don't get fooled by (hu!) all the blue in you
If you can fly your favorite style away
There's no problem no matter what they say
Accepting "my mind" (wow wow wow wow)
The dream in focus (hey!)
With steady eyes, that's my aim
'Cause you are human, you're facing all the pain and hurt of real loneliness
Feeling mad, and then sad, you're so bewild
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 23 12
I Will Wait for You - Illustrations by JoyDreamerART I Will Wait for You - Illustrations :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 53 28 Ocean Crystal - Illustrations by JoyDreamerART Ocean Crystal - Illustrations :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 28 14 BaddyDreamer by JoyDreamerART BaddyDreamer :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 64 25 Elf - Sketch by JoyDreamerART Elf - Sketch :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 49 24
Synchronicity Part 1, 2, 3 (English Translyrics)
~~~~~~Chapter 1: ”Looking for you in the Sky”~~~~~~
An unknown, unseen realm…
… covered in darkness
The guardian…
… is doomed to guard the lair of a dragon
To calm the soul of the powerful and merciless dragon…
… all Divas never stopped singing…
… until the bitter end
Many Divas has lost their lives…
… and history repeats itself.
My sweet Rin … Len…
Who’s there?
Sometimes, fate is cruel
No, please! Don’t!
It separated the twins…
… Who were actually meant to be together
A new Diva was chosen
The time passed on…
… and then, the door of a new adventure…
… opened
Len: Without a goal and no destination, I will keep pursuing east
My shadow is my only companion on this path I’m going
My map is blank, I’m craving a voice and it is leading me at least
I’m searching here, ‘cau
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 176 73
Chibi JoyDreamer by JoyDreamerART Chibi JoyDreamer :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 74 38
Self-Inflicted Achromatic - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
I want to be a person just like you, don't you see?
I want to be a person who is still being "me"
It really would be nice but I'm paying a price
'Cause I'd really, not be me and that would not suffice
A dream which is an easy task I won't deny
But it'd be fine if people just like me would go and die
If I am this way I would never want to stay
Tens of thousands of people would be sad and cry
No one here wanting me, please don't say you don't agree
Wishing for a world hiding from my seeking eye
If I am this way please just wipe me into gray
Hundreds of millions of people would be glad and shine
No one here hating me, that would be so nice to see
But that kind of joy will never intertwine
Tomorrow I will still be dreaming half awake
And I am hoping I can disappear in such a state
If I'd live this way I would never want to stay
Hundreds of millions of people wouldn't even know
No one here wanting me, please don't say you don't ag
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 112 53
Just Be Friends - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
Just be friends, all we gotta do, just be friends
It's time to say goodbye, just be friends
All we gotta do, just be friends, just be friends...
It just came to mind there in the early morning yesterday
As I was gathering the pieces of my memory
And now I wonder what is this?
Slowly dripping down my fingers that are cut in bliss
I'm questioning our everything, were we hoping just for this?
But I always knew, the truth was hiding deep inside my heart
The choice is hard but it is best if we just break apart
But I am standing here avoiding the fact
And repeating all the difference that is holding us back
I'm questioning myself to bring you the truth that I conceal
Here in this world which is decaying with our every move
I struggle moving on to the days where my fears are gone
And I find myself carving out, your smile, it's a faded doubt
So I just pulled the plug
I'm standing here and screaming with what is left of my voice
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 30 31
-ERROR - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
Can you see the tears I cry? Slowly falling from my eye
Blurring all the colors of living
Why did you leave me standing alone to drown?
I'm calling and I am falling down
This blue and red and white is just blurring in my sight
I am shouting from the world here inside me
I am not really sure what I'm looking for
I'm tired chasing to comprehend
I'm wondering when it will end?
Am I breaking down again?
I am breaking just like then!
But I want to know that I am breathing, I'm breathing
I wonder if I just saw you
I am dreaming hoping for something new
The words are stuck that you stand for - ERROR
On a distant day I see light swaying away
And it's overflowing up in the high sky
Can you decide and tell me, what is your choice?
My tears are welling up by your voice
The consciousness is floating by
Melting all I feel and I see the world inside me get blurry
What are you standing there and comparing to?
I'm sad, I'm fai
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 121 24
School of True Love - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
I will learn and exercise
But I'm pretty hopeless at both in my own eyes
I achieved more than enough
From staring at you, you are my crush
I've decided finally
I'll write you a letter of love and you will see
But I'm missing one demand
The courage to put it in your hand
Hey... Don't you think I see you over there?
Hey... Tell me what you want?
Come on and say it now!
Um-eh-oh hey wait! Oh that's right
Don't you think weather is such a wonderful sight?
I'm so glad, 'cause it is a wonderful day~
Why don't you tell me why you are shaking like that?
What are you hiding there, right behind on your back?
Please show me now, hey you~
Look at me, I overflow
With all of my beauty and charm, I am so pro
And my tie is made, of course,
By Bayberry custom-made excellent source
What is that? I wonder now
I have never heard of that very weird brand-name
And in here I won't allow
You holdin
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 9 4
Blooming the Idol - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
"Hey there! Are you excited!?
I'm gonna sing just one more song!"
Don't give up! Bet that you
Make all your dreams come true
Even if they are saying that it's out of sight
Their kinda selfish oh am I right?
Hey hey hey! Come on!
Hey hey hey! Listen up!
Here--- we go!
If they say that there is no talent there
Wo-oh-oh, wo-oh-oh
Just turn your back on all of that, their cold and mean words
If she's covered in any kind of noise
Wo-oh-oh, wo-oh-oh
Impossible to change her soul, she can't be tainted by you
When you never find, never embrace
That you can leave the maze
If you want to run, want to be free
Listen, the melody
Don't stop believin', you will be receivin' and make it out
Don't give up! Even when
You are small, try again
Come on and show the true depiction you've created
Don't give up! Bet that you
Make all your dreams come true
Even if they are saying that it's out of sight
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 4 0
The Lost One's Weeping - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
All the danger of distrust roaming inside me
It will finally pierce my veins and I can't flee
And this sudden appearance will transform my love
And turn it from pole into a lethal, deadly weapon
It's for real
I am kinda into math and science I admit
And since I suck at Japanese I'm hating it
But if I continue worrying about what's right
I am feeling that both of them will turn back to bite
Today all my homework is about me and my traits
It's so tough, it's enough, I'm happy, it is my fate
But why is it we sometimes, wait hold on, no it's always
We are in a sad state, we're a lonely mistake
Can you read all of the kanji on the blackboard today?
Can you read what's in that kid's imagination maybe?
I'm wondering who just turned your heart into grey
Who did that to me? Who did that to me!?
Can you solve equations on the abacus here today?
Can you loosen up the rope around the kid's neck ma
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 19 7
Mr. Hankie by JoyDreamerART Mr. Hankie :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 48 17
Afterglow - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
The hurting sharp sound of someone leaving their track
Was dissolved and became a dream that'd never come back
On this morning of sighs and all the love that's untrue
There's another myself and she is laughing anew
All that is left and all that stays here with me
Are the paintings I made but they are unfinished, you see
There's the smell of my blood and all the tears that I shed
And the corpses of rats and they are shining in red
I was the one who was dreaming it all
And I was pledging for an extremely frail eternity
To those of days where I cried 'cause I'd fall
I'm bidding them farewell as I receive what is my destiny
Needless to say, we worked so hard for this day
And I'm sure I will meet a lot of work on the way
And the view of the sky was sad but hard to let go
But it's throwing away the dust of stars into the glow
The future I saw when I was closing both my eyes to dream
It's sti
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 2 3


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