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To the moon

john and river
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I haven't played this game yet, but I love the pixel art here. Good job!
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AHH this is perfect. I cried watching Markiplier play that game!
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i am crying right now, i loved this game, it was worth all the clicking and exposition, and now this?  i just cant handle it right now
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I love this so much!!! :D (though just pointing out the girl is called River, Anya is the light house :) )
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What are you, psychic? 

You just fulfilled my dream :3 I was just crying over this game. 
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I love this game xD
Great idea!
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To the moon...but not back again...
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:icondawwwwplz:-Who doesn't love a full Moon?
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This is so cute
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Triple fav +fav .

  • For My Little Pony
  • For To The Moon
  • For the cuteness
La la la la 
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Is anything you ever make NOT hopelessly adorable? I keep seeing picture after picture and just going HNNNNGGGG the entire time.

If I end up diabetic, I'm sending you my medical bill XD
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Man, this game...
How can I keep putting off playing this game known for bringing the feels when you've made this cute art inspired by it?
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Love that game! Saw Markiplier play it!
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Pewdiepie played it too.
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Oh I didn't know that. I'll watch him play it. Probably will be funnier.
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I shall watch Markiplier play. :meow:
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