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Dear folks and Watchers...

Today is a very sad day for us... and we all know for what...

It´s because that our popular and favorite actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson & also known as Robbie Rotten from TV Show "Lazy Town" passed away... *sob*

This can be a very hard blow for everybody, but i doubt, that this is, what Stefán wanted...
He was always positive and in good mood every time when he could... To see us, that we all are with him and see us in good mood too... (*tear in mine eye now*) ;(

He was, is, and still will be our Number One...

R.I.P. Mr. Stefán Karl Stefánsson

We'll miss you... ;( :(
"Stolen" from MegBeth a little... :D

Well MegBeth, you asked for it (but it was really hard, bcs many of your arts looks great and very impressive, so it was very very hard to pick only 3... Well, 3+1, sry, but i can´t - i wanted to pick at least 10 :) ) ^^

So here are "mine" top 3+1 from your awesome arts (and really was to choose from):

Truly amaizing composition and atmospehere is from this piece. Awesome work (and for me one from the best from you... ;) :3 <3)

Really great piece from all aspects. Looks very nice and also shading, atmoshere and background makes this artwork really interesting and just... Great... Feast for the eyes ^^

And what would it be without one of the Ori piece at least ? :D It has been a pleasure to saw this crossover, really... ;) :3 <3 <3 <3


And bcs i just simply can´t help myself, i must go against the "only 3" rule and so i adding here another one (last) piece. Awesome complexity and everything.

All 4 pieces are cool (but also all of your other artworks deserve some attention and respect...) :) ^^ :hug:

Anyway, with me you will not have too much work with browsing the Gallery, bcs i have more less pics in it... But still, chose wisely... ^^ :hug:

(Note: i recommend to wait a little, bcs i have almost done one art, which looks better than i thought (for me, but you can have and you always have your own opinion) and maybe it can be at least in the one of the top, but it´s fully up to you only... ;) )

Anyway, thank you for everything (and mainly for, that you are an good artist... :happybounce:


Joy144SK's Profile Picture
Jozef Škríp
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

My name is Jozef, i´m from Slovakia, and in mine Heart will always be mine 3 beloved things: Ori , Spyro and My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic :3 <3.
This trio really inspired mine whole life and they enriching me indeed... Thank you all 3 for everything...

My hobby is good RPGs and strategy games, fantasy, dragons, books, nature, animals and many more... If you have something similar with me, we can be friends together :)

I´m good-hearted, kindly, calm and peaceful person with good Spirit , Heart and ideas + with a sense for understanding of the others, their needs & problems with worries. And i always keeping mine word (or at least i trying to keep / do mine best) ;)

I really love the holy Paladins of Light & their Laws (so if i have an option for playing as Paladin in every game, then he is always mine first choice...) ;) ^^ Anyway, their acting and behavior are also mine own important characteristics and i truly appreciate them, if anyone in a real life have them as their own (honor, kindness, good-hearted, etc.). Also i like a lot the all historical weapons and armors and fantasy creatures with (general) mythology ^^


If you have any Questions on me or on my arts / OC´s , you can ask me anytime and i try to answer your uncertainties ;)

Recommended to read:… !!!

*** IMPORTANT: I draw for your and my pleasure only, so you don´t need to pay me for that (Points, etc...), if it´s for Friends (and if i promised that). Everything i doing for free ;) Core Membership pls give to someone else (not me). Save that for someone, who can use this more better, than me OK? :)

But if you think, that i can merit few Points neverthless, then i will be glad & appreciate them (i will give them to all mine Friends, which deserve them more, than me too). Don´t worry, they will go to good hands also... ;) ^^ ***

Thank you ^^

- IMPORTANT: I writing everything only via Journal !!! So check Journal if you want to know about some more infos what you could missed + in Gallery click ALL / Scraps !!!

- Critique / tips / anything useful or "how to?" are always welcome & appreciated ;) :) ^^

- You don´t need to thank me for Llamas , Fav , etc. (i always return one back + your´re always welcome) ;) ^^

- If you do that (or you have already done so), nevermind. But all this comments will be later hidden (for keeping all clean)

- Questions, etc. are OK (in case) - only normal-ones, but will be hidden too (Notes are better for this purposes) !!! ;)

- If i don´t answering / long time no response, it´s OK with me (in this i´m little lazy, bcs i answering only if i must / it´s necessary) :)

- I hate spam, annoying adverts, too much lags (but i like at least stable 25/30 FPS, bcs i grew up on old good PS1 and similar devices)

- Anyway i appreciating every bit of active support and even if i don´t answering (mean like ignore), then know this: i saw your comment & i´m always with you... ;) :hug:

- Proved support is really appreciated and she can give to me a lot of mood for creativity and moving on on mine arts...

- I´m a good friend in need (many friends & people around me, which knows me in real really said, that they truly appreciate this mine ability), so if you just need to talk about anything and cheer up or just delight (via Private Note), you can always do it (i checking DA every day at least once, but i trying to be here much more when i´m on PC (except of the weekends, when i need also some pause from all this). I will always be to keep your secrets about everything from your worries (it will be only between me and you, honestly) ;) Trust me, i had also some hard periods in mine life, and now (or when i don´t have any) i have it much more harder, when i see the all problems which i register - i have them more closer in mine spirit, than the people which are concerned :/ :( If only i could solve the all that only via finger snap and everyone will be OK... But like this it´s impossible :D

- Anyway & also: if you are "OUT FROM THE IDEAS & INSPIRATION", then i can be the right person for you (no problem for me to give you some ideas (verbaly only - don´t expect an art from me after that) or names for your things. This i can do with pleasure wihout any problems (ask me via Note if you want and i will see what i can do for you...) ;) But please, show me some respect and when i give you some idea or advice, then tell (tag at least), that i gave you that inspirations ^^



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Very BIG Thanks for every single one.

If you think, that i will deserve some few Points no matter what, then i will be glad and appreciate them... :) :hug:

I will always use them to support the other Artists, which i think that they fully deserve them more than me ^^ ;)

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