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Test journal
  • Watching: Where the streets have no name live @ slane castle
  • Drinking: Ice tea as usual....
What am I plotting for this spring and summer,
first of all , I am prepared !! I got myself a nice new Canon lens,
and its a great step towards improvement.
I'm also looking around for a wide-angle lens, to finish of my collection for a while.

I'm going to test my new gadgets at some festivals and gigs,
and I'm also planning to raid Glastonbury this year.
Mainly because of my endless cat-and-mouse-chase with my favourite band U2,
they are headlining the first day of Glastonbury,
after missing last years performance because of Bono's back-injury.

Anyway , I'll be totally honest and say that I'll never get my SLR in there,
so I'm taking another new camera I recently with some great zoom range and the best part:
filming in HD with superb sound quality!

On the other time I'm going to spend in my summer, is at work ,internship, and studying.
The seals at work are starting to enjoy the sun these days, the sea lions will be there again as well,
this time 2 patagonian and 1 californian sea lion.
They are building a brand new tank for them,
which is going to allow us to keep the sea lions the whole year round.

My internship is going to be in a beautiful zoo in Kerkrade,
I just had the intake, and I got in, the people there are extremely friendly,
very calm and I can't wait to get my hands dirty! (quite literally speaking haha)
I'm going to try and make some nice photo's there to.
I still need to find a place to sleep there, so if anyone knows a spot ,
shout it out!


  • Watching: Where the streets have no name live @ slane castle
  • Drinking: Ice tea as usual....
Ive been neglecting my DA acount,
even worse , been neglecting my camera.
So I don't really have a reason to update to.
Life has been pretty hectic and busy, hence the total lack of commitment to my DA acount.
I haven't been on vacation for over 2 years, I havent cosplayed in over 2 years,
Ive been working my ass off to get some money together so I can finally enjoy myself a bit this summer , and so far , things are looking allot better!
I'm going to London march, to visit some animal-vet. related stuff.
Hoping to get my drivers license too this year , but it depends on how much I'm gonna spend during all my travelling.

I'm going to try to go to this years Abunai! Since its not in Zwolle anymore,
its allot closer hopefully.( Can't get any further anyway)
So I might pop up there with my camera too, with or without cosplay.
Next up the calendar , in june : MY b-day, and I'm going to both Germany and Belgium to follow my fav. band U2 on tour for a while.
Definably taking my camera with me! And I think I will get some amazing shots.

I'll also be looking to go to either Pinkpop or Rock Werchter Festival.
All in all I try to keep this year as uber positive as I can.
I have a great new job, my co-workers are awesome, My family and me are healthy,
and allot of great stuff to live to.
I can't complain now, that would be stupid.

I hope everyone is okay, and I wish you a great , if not better 2010
  • Watching: Where the streets have no name live @ slane castle
  • Drinking: Ice tea as usual....
Woohoo, so today i went to the Festival to celebrate our freedom,
wich they do every year in Vlissingen, Holland to celebrate our liberation.
I went there with by concert-buddy Nathalie by bike.... Not a good choice.
The wind slowed us down terribly. But we got there in time anyway.
There were allot of things to do. It was so much fun!
I never had so much fun in about a year or so,
so it was really cool , we danced, screamed , clapped , jumped and partied trough the night.
BZB gave us a real kick, and me made some really cool photo's.
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  • Drinking: Ice tea as usual....
Finished d gray man a while ago, i hope the new season comes soon...
I'm very busy lately and i have ALLOT of stuff in my head, both good and bad. Lets not talk about bad things and keep it cool.

Next weekend i will be going to Utrecht and the week after that i will go to Tsunacon in Sliedrecht. I'm kinda curious, it will be their first year, so it will be a bit of a mess i think. Poor guys, we will be selling stuff like plushies, hats and merchandise. I hope it all goes well.

Practical training and work are really sucking up my time, But i cant just stop. (I really want to some times with my work) I love it at my practical training, i feel like i belong there.
Never be sorry for going there. Learned great stuff, I can make great pics and all the people are so nice..And some of them a bit weird but who cares.
  • Listening to: The Cruxshadows- Foreverlast
  • Drinking: Ice tea as usual....
Well he number of cosplays i wanna do are stacking up. Its unbelievable and i dont even thinks that I can do them all. I still have a Kba cosplay just lying here, wich is about 80% done. Still need to make the coat, and i got the fur already xD.

But its okay, i'm currently more focussed on cosplaying by dear beloved Zexion,he's awesome, when i get my next paycheck, i'm going to order or make a coat. it depends on how the sewing machine is gonna react to fake leather.
And the month after that i'm gonna buy the wig, from a deviant here. He makes awesome wigs.
Wigs are my biggest problems ... I absolutly suck at finding good wigs.styling wont be that much of a problem but i cant dye them becuase i'm effing alergic for hairdye.

I also want to cosplay ky kiske of guilty gear, i love all the outfits of that game so i really cant decide wich one but its probably ky...
He's so funny. And oh, Yu kanda or allen walker , yeah they are great to do too.... So many cosplays, just one person... Moi!

And i'm stil looking for a decent sora wig. ;)
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Okay so its only a week away to abunaicon 2008 , I"M Cracking up !
Really exited tough I'm only going for a day.
There will be a huge Dragonball cosplay compo,
and I'm going there to CATCH EM ALL >=D.

Ill be running around with my camera doing shoots and taking pictures,
so i hope they will come out nice and most of them will be posted on my dev.
But hell i finally go my trainticket today and i'm even more hyper.
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