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early christmas gift

EDIT: I noticed that this is two times on tumblr, one time here: [link] posted by someone and here: [link] posted by me. so IF you like this AND have a tumblr maybe you could.., like t? or something
but please tell me if you post my stuff somewhere next time, kay?
just in case ther will be an apocalypse :3
yeah, some cute johnlock
all i want for christmas is my otp to become canon... *sigh*

characters arn't mine
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Best christmas gift evah :iconilovekrissiplz:
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thank you very much darling!:heart:

butuughwhydoyoucommentonmyoldstuffihadtolookatthisagain akhsdskaksk
TalkNerdytoMeXD's avatar
your very welcome :3
i like all your johnlock stuff 
Joy-niji's avatar
im glad you do! x3
maybe i should do more...
TalkNerdytoMeXD's avatar
that would be fantastic :3
Powalski13's avatar
It is July right now when I'm seeing this, and you have successfully made it CHRISTMAS! :D
Joy-niji's avatar
oh god xD i hope you're not mad at me now...

hhhh looking at this is painful. gargh.
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what. NO. me is happy! :iconbennydurrplz:
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Look's like reapersun's style
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Good day to you too, fellow deviant.
Thank you for commenting, and you are right, but you know, getting your own drawing style can take some time and learning how to draw without having a style in mind i want to be able to draw in never worked for me so i chose reapersun as my senpai. But as you may have noticed i am working on getting in MY personal style so don't have to waste my time on comments like yours and get away from other artists styles. SO thank you for your opinion and have a lovely day.
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a cutie. taken as my wallpaper on mobile |D
oh, reposting, I know the feeling :/
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...And then Sherlock gets a hard-on *ehem*
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I'd love to see john face when that happens
Joy-niji's avatar
thank you very much!
DoctorHorrible-8D's avatar
you draw sherlock so amazing it reminds me of reapersun ugh so perf <3
Joy-niji's avatar
thank you soooooooo damn much!!!
DoctorHorrible-8D's avatar
you're sooo welcome <3
FeatherFactory's avatar
i thought this was a reapersun piece ajdhgjkdhgdkjghdg so cute oh my god
Joy-niji's avatar
oh my... reapersun is one of my biggest role models and the fact that you.. and... aaaah, im blushing.
i am feel very honored aaand.. gaaaah!
>o< thank you!!!
sorry for the lack of proper grammar and stuff, but :iconomfgplz:
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I thought it was a piece by Reapersun too. I thought 'oh didn't know they did a Christmas piece'. Haha, well done. ;)
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:iconletmehugyouplz: let me hug youuuuu!!! thanks a lot!! :iconrainbowheartplz:
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