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Archipelago Fan Map

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The Archipelago Webcomic doesn't have an official map (At least not one that I've seen) and I think it's kinda fun that way. But over the many years I've known the comic I keep wanting to see a visual of how the islands potentially move and shift, as well as theorize where magical hotspots might exist.

So here's my general theory of a map, along with some tectonic plate like outlines of the sunken metal dragon that forms the islands's base. I love the idea of Ruin Island being one of the tiny pieces that settled on the delicate and slightly unstable toes of the ship.

(This map also serves as a reference for my personal D&D campaign I'm putting together for family members set 12 years after the events of archipelago.) 

Archipelago and it's world belongs to TheSilverTopHat 
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I love it! This is so cool, maps are something I always struggle with (hence the lack of detailed Archipelago maps) so I love seeing it when others do it so well. I can't help but 'awww' at teeny tiny Ruin Island.