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December 24, 2007
Wonder by ~joy-ang is a beautiful illustration filled with imagination and childhood fantasy. Unique style and subject really pulls you in and holds your attention to the fantastical details!
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By joy-ang
Another school project. We were to illustrate for an annual report of a company of our choice. I chose the toy company FAO Schwarz.
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Speenu's avatar
Your illustrations bring me so much nostalgia for childhood and make me feel all warm and gooey inside ;)
100-Rooms's avatar
Hasaiah's avatar
Sooo beautiful! WOW! This is digital with traditional art?
the-exiled-muse's avatar
It's beautiful. This image makes me think of Hansel and Gretel. 

Have you thought about sending this to the toy company? I think they'd like it.
Shell19's avatar
CatsuneAdopts's avatar
wow this is so cool! =] very well done! :hug:
artmom16's avatar
beautifully done. 

MephistoArtz's avatar
ChocolateZombieJesus's avatar
love the anteaters spiral curly tongues :)
Liathe's avatar
Like dreams, but better. *____* :heart: :+fav:
Coscomomo's avatar
Very magical, shape shifting imagination where everything manages to mingle together seamlessly, trees, bridges, sky, water, astonished kids and dressed up anteaters! marvelous!
monkchoo24's avatar
This is really something!!!
edwinforart's avatar
This is cool!!!!!
juriette's avatar
tsk... this image has history for me... ooohhh i wanna cry ;-;

i met this girl once.. a loong time ago. She liked to draw and stuff and between her sketchbooks she had a sketch about this image... she loved it, and i loved her draw, even if it was not HER OWN image it was wonderfull... with time i forgot da original image and da only one was from her. she was my best friend...
and.. with time... she didn't wanted to see me again. i'd lost my best friend suddently...
now, like a year ago i see this image and smile... :icontinoplz:

I Wonder is She did Finish her not/her draw...
patto-rojo's avatar
this is sooo awsome!!!!!!
SophieShimazu's avatar
BEAUTIFUL! :heart: The style and colors are absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of white and how all the colors blend together nicely. The atmosphere is amazing! :love:
Reluin's avatar
All the whimsical details look just perfect, anteaters and snowy trees. <3
nancydrewgirl's avatar
For some reason, this reminds me a little bit of the Kane Chronicles books.

This piece is simply amazing. Truly.
LanaLambert's avatar
*tiny gasp* Ant eaters!
TheLastIronMan's avatar
When the LCD kicks in?
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