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The Last Unicorn Canadian Screening Tour Poster

The Last Unicorn is probably the single most influential movie of my childhood, and recently I got the opportunity to create this movie poster for its upcoming tour in Canada! You can check out the tour dates and cities here:
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@HewyToonmore you're right! It is like her poster.

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I love this movie, and was actually planning to watch it again! I have it as a disc. I wish such a great movie could get re-shown in the theaters. Wonderful art for it, keep drawing, Joy! (I love your Wings of Fire art too, I'm a big fan lol)

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I was in love with this poster and had to get it when I saw the movie on tour. Like a few others I have this on my wall with Peter Beagle's signature. A great piece that captures the feel of the film.

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I cry when ever I watch this movie!!! I have never found it again in the shops.... Meeeeh... I want my younger sister to see it! And brilliant art!! I love it! The unicorn looks really good!!! Keep up the good work!
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that was an amazing movie
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I love this s movie AMAZING Art!!
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OMG!!! It's really awesome!!! :la:
SongDog's avatar Are you selling these or is someone else stealing your art?
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Best movie ever! ^ ^
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Did you see this? They're using your poster for the cover art of the new blu ray... Kinda.…
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Yeeesss this movie!
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I loved this movie. Watched it whenever my brother and I had to go to our babysitters house.
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I am lucky enough to have your art on my wall. Well done in making a fantastic poster for a fantastic movie.
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this is amazing. This film holds a very special place in my heart and has been quite influential in my writing. I have to say your renderings of each character are perfect!
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This was also the single most influential movie of my childhood. This poster is spot on too! Everything is so on model! You did a good job! :D
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me too!!!! ((((((  'O  0 0)))
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I've recently watched this film not knowing what to expect...being the animation enthusiast I am, I was not really took me back to the days where animation wasn't so complex and relied less on over-the-top action set pieces and more on character development and story. 

fantastic job in capturing the film's style and soul! 
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I love this movie!
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I love that movie! xD
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I just recently bought one of these at the Canadian tour for the movie. You did such an amazing job on the poster, and I am going to love it forever.<3
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So funny! I just watched this movie! haha
I love the red bull, this looks really great
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