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Night Time Is Reflecting Time

This happened a couple weeks ago. Also, I have a tumblr now >> [link] !
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I like it how the style looks similar to Adventure Time
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This is actually a very common way for cat to travel through dimensions
It's called the

PSfreak2012's avatar
Why are we still here..

Just to suffer..? *HEAVY BREATHING*
MissLittleTilde's avatar
First case... Wgere is the... Light!!!!
Me all night xdddd
TheLastGamer99's avatar
I have a Persian that does this XD
Cat-Loving-Queen's avatar
This is pure gold, lmao
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"Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? To just act cute to appease my owner? What do I get in return? What do I gain from my life? What's the point of even carrying on?"

(owner switches on light and cat rushes to owner's bed)

"What does she do? I should just run away. My life will go nowhere here. I have fulfilled nothing in my life. That's it. First thing tomorrow, I'm..."

(owner crawls into bed and snuggles cat)

"...maybe there's something for me here after all."
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that cat is feeling alove....

poor fat-fluffy cat
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i can relate.. to the cat! :-D
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"When will my reflection show who I am insi~~de?"
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The cat is the CUTEST THING!!!!
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this is so funny :D
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We call our cat Narcissus because she never misses an opportunity to gaze upon her beauty. LoL
Connan-Bell's avatar
When you stare into the void... 
noonefincares's avatar
Maybe the kitty has some identity problems? "Who am I?"
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This is totally my cat nice job
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That's so damn cute!!! The fact one day this might happen, see an animal staring at its reflection at the middle of the night... XD
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