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Who did-done-dood it! :FIM title cards series

By Jowybean
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Fine, I'm guilty!  I wear false eyelashes! Oh, and I took a bite of the cake. ^^;

I wonder how lady like Rarity was when she took a bite of the MMM?

apart from the angle the cake and table took a long time to paint and make look half decent. : faint:

Another card done from season 2 
Aiming to get at least two cards done each month in between various other projects.:)

For new comers The FIM title cards project aim is too create a quirky unique title card art for each of the episodes of the show we know and :love: =D Link to the series gallery ;)…

season one is all done :phew:

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 13 hours 

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying: 

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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como buen brony Mexicano te ofrezco mi opinión, todos tus trabajos tienen una buena calidad
tu expectativa no esta mal y como siempre tu originalidad esta por las nubes tienes imaginación para regalar.
desde el inicio tu técnica siempre me a fascinado, el estilo obscuro abstracto pero cómico es lo que se destaca en tus obras por lo cual te ganas un rotundo 10.
el impacto que me causan tus obras son indescriptibles, simplemente no pueden pasarse por alto esta y ninguna de tus imágenes.verla simplemente hizo que mi mente explotara.
As a good Mexican brony , I offer my opinion , the Works Have A Good Quality
Your Expectation not bad and as always your originality is sky , have imagination para gift.
From the beginning your technique always fascinated me , the abstract but obscure comic style is what stands out in your work , making you feel like a resounding 10 .
The impact caused me your works is iindescriptible , simply can not be overlooked None of your imágenes.verlas That just made ​​my mind explode.
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m0nster-c00kieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! It's so dramatic and cute at the same time and the white line drawn on the ground cracks me up! ♡♡
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So, what do you think happened to Rarity to necessitate false eyelashes?
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KatySceneProfessional Digital Artist
Uh oh
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Zanmyk18Student Digital Artist
By the way, it's Actually MMMM as in Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness!
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
Noice /)
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This is so perfect. 
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dorko4uHobbyist General Artist
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Pinkie Pie Scream01 -'Who did dun dood it'.
Best line eve by Pinkie.
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EnvirotechHobbyist Photographer
Amazing..  just.. amazing.. Love the ideas of having the other bakers in the bubbles of Pinkie's pipe.. hehe  The detail on the train looks really cool too, great art.. Cannot favourite these enough!!
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Advent3546Hobbyist General Artist
I WEAR FALSE EYELASHES! Oh and I took a bite of the cake.
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Considering that she probably took the bite from the bottom, not very.
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Lookin' good, & one of my fave episodes!
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ScyphiHobbyist General Artist
One of my favorites, and a bit of a wish-fulfillment episode too, as I had been hoping MLP would do the stereotypical "mystery-to-solve" plotline since I first became a brony, so it tickled me pink when this episode hit the air. :)

Incidentally, this title card would make for a great cover of a mystery novel to boot. :D
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
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lollipopflowerHobbyist Artist
Awesome! That episode was a doozy!
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werecassStudent Artist
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PinkPearlAppleProfessional Traditional Artist
lol i like your title cards. will you do more when season 5 releases in 4 weeks?
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JowybeanProfessional General Artist
most likely yes 
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PinkPearlAppleProfessional Traditional Artist
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your timescale is confusing, dont get me wrong all of your stuff is amazing, but stuff you do in 1 hour and others it takes you 13, but I can't see a difference in quality, how do you do it you magical art wizard, how do you art so well so consistently
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How has Hasbro not hired you yet?
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
birthday cake -As a baked Cake,I find this to be most offensive.
:iconrainbowdashshrugplz::iconfluttershyshrugplz::iconrarityshrugplz::icontwilightshrugplz::iconpinkiepieshrugplz::iconapplejackshrugplz:-Oh well,bon appetit.
This is awesome on so many levels,thanks for dedicating your time to make this.
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What Font do you use for the words "Written by Amy Keating Rogers"
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