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Snow and Guns by Jowybean Snow and Guns by Jowybean
back in the Jowyverse / scales Jenny World 

JOWYVERSE by Jowybean Snow Ocean 2 by Jowybean
World map 

Scales And Jenny permise 

Millions of years ago the world was created by the purest of magic ,known as Spectrum that originated from and was protected by the Fabrications. However two ancient evils The Iron Spawn and The Galestormers stole some of this Spectrum and transformed it in to weapon/tool called Spec that has effected thousands and allowed criminal empires to raise in power and influence The good news is there are a small handful of individuals who are gifted with the pureness of Spectrum magic that has awoken incredible powers and gifts in them. With the help of the remaining parts of the Fabrications a global hero/ spy organization has been set up to fight back against the imposing evils. recently Two new junior recruits have just been appointed to the movement, Elemental sisters Scales gifted in water and Jenny Gifted in Snow. The organization believes They show a lot of promise in the ongoing fight. But with them having a strong sibling rivalry and problems with their own local bad guys can they fully commit to the tough missions/adventures awaiting them outside their homeland?.


Fredwick is the young heir to the throne of the Galestormers, A race of people said to have been born thousands of years ago from the very north winds themselves .For decades they were in a fearsome fight with the Pandorin Empire, a kingdom of great magic gifted by the Fabrications. The Gales were defeated and forced to live in the deadly spire mountains. Ferdwicks father just before he died made friends with the Ancient evil the Iron Spawn who in return shared their advanced technology that could be capable of wiping out entire lands. Since then Fredwick has overseen his fathers ambitious plans. aiming to claim the land he feels his people were robbed of by force.

extra note: Ferdwick has spent so much time around radioactive material that its effected his appearance and strength.    

King Gunbody the 90th 

As the name implies he is the current tyrannical ruler of the ancient evil known as The iron Spawn. A race of twisted machine like creatures who's sole propose is to consume all worlds that are not them. The Fabrications are the Irons worst nightmare as their magic prowess kept them back and has continued to interfere in their diabolical doings. He like the pervious rulers had an huge intimidating body but during a battle with The Spawns second oldest foe the Playlandians (a universe made of toys) his body was destroyed and had to be replaced with the torso of a fallen Playlandian solider. To most his permanent change is considered an embarrassment to the Spawn. But just because his now the size of a ken doll dose not mean he or his schemes poses no serious threat to the world. He vows revenge on the Playlandians and those who have mocked the Spawns Legacy when they should fear it.   

King Gunbody is also the one responsible for the spread of the tainted Spectrum magic known as Spec.

Together Fredwick and Gunbody have formed one super nation united for one aim destroy and consume all that is pure and connected to the forces that dare to stop them. its Called The Iron Stormers .

Until next deviation LATERS :peace:

You can check out what information I have on my world and characters here ;)…

painted in photoshop CS6 with a wacom tablet pro in 4 hours

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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I gotta say, their profiles look great!
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October 30, 2017
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