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Project Scales and Jenny 8 Maid Knights by Jowybean Project Scales and Jenny 8 Maid Knights by Jowybean
This is a Quick note for my regular viewers, I apologise for the lack of posts I have been busy working on this and other commission work. I only want to upload the best of my art on here so go to my Instagram…  or Twitter

if you want too see more of my raw sketching and fanart. however i do plan to upload some more fan stuff in a week or so. thanks for continuing to watch my stuff even if the uploads have dwindled in recent months. ^^;  

now back to the deviation 

project Scales and Jenny

Project Scales and Jenny 3 by Jowybean

this is my passion project that has now turned in to a collaboration with a friend/client I have worked with on another pretty amazing comic/show pitch for three years. 

Anyway recently my friend has become a writer on this idea/Project and between us we have spent hours writing up the entire backstory, world lore even character arc ideas revolving around the imaginary world and its inhabitants I have been developing visually for a few years in between fan art and professional work. 

Scales and Jenny wip title

What is it? a future Web comic/ shounen inspired scifi fantasy epic mixing in many old school influences of western animation and cartoons.  
This may be a show/anime pitch in the future but we prefer the creative freedom a comic will give us. 

 Whats the story? 

The burb is now slightly different. but I am waiting for my friend to give me a better one to use in future posts.

Millions of years ago the world was created with the purest of magic ,known as Spectrum protected by the Fabrications, Two ancient evils stole some of the Spectrum and transformed it in to a tool/drug called Spec that birthed the MFC Mafia Family Collective, which grew in power and was able to control and infect many areas of society with Spec .The remaining fragments of the Fabrications have recruited individuals on the planet who are gifted with the pureness of Spectrum and have formed SPUD (Spectrum Peace Unity Defenders) a global hero/ spy organisation to fight back against the imposing evils. Two new junior recruits have just been appointed to the movement, Scales and Jenny. SPUD believes They show a lot of promise in the ongoing fight. But with them coming from two opposite sides of the world can they get along with each other and Fully commit to the tough missions/adventures awaiting them?
The two main Organisations 

Project Scales and Jenny good and bad by Jowybean


The mafia Family collective is a global network of unique crime families that continue to spread Spec around the world each family has a different set of goons/ criminals working under one of the five main branches, some that hold positions of power in the government. they all come in many different shapes sizes and abilities. 

Project Scales and Jenny MFC bosses by Jowybean

The heads designs 


Spectrum Peace Unity Defenders is an organisation, founded by remaining heads of the Fabrications. it is made up of individuals like Scales and Jenny who are gifted with the ability to use pure Spectrum in a variety of ways this can awaken powers and transformations that are used to confront members in the MFC. each member comes from a different background and in some cases some can only use their spectrum sparingly. 

Leaders of Spud designs 

Project Scales and Jenny SPUD heads by Jowybean

The image above is of possibly one of my favourite group of characters that i have designed that is based on an old idea I had a few years ago called The Maid Knights. These were a group of Orphan girls who were adopted by one of the heads of the MFC called Daria and trained not only to become some of the most strongest members in the organisation  but also become a part of the heads intimate family. they spend most of their time dealing with unrest, debt collecting and clashing with Scales and Jenny. 

Sadly i have no cool names for them individually , or thought about their powers yet.  but me and my writer can see them being almost being as popular/ iconic as our two protagonists. :)

At this current stage we are trying to get a body of finished artwork , character designs and a world bible written up about the, world and its lore. 

Remember outside of my professional freelance work and business This like my fanart is a personal endeavour so I am not sure how often it will be updated, but hopefully it will be every week at least.

you can follow the rough process on my twitter and Instagram.…

 ;) (Wink)

drawn and coloured in photoshop CS6 with a wacom tablet pro in 4 hours

Is this Cute Meow :3 Win

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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such beautiful knights!
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