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Project Scales and Jenny 2 by Jowybean Project Scales and Jenny 2 by Jowybean
project Scales and Jenny

This is my passion project that is now turned in to a collaboration with a friend/client I have worked with him on another pretty amazing comic/show pitch for three years. 

Obviously I can not say anything about that ,until I am allowed too, but just know its being some of my best unique character design world building work yet and I hope it will make an impact in comics and animation as the story from my perspective is something else. :excited:

Anyway recently he has become a writer on this idea/Project and between us we have spent hours writing up the entire backstory, world lore even character arc ideas revolving around the imaginary world and its inhabitants I have been developing visually for a few years in between fan art and professional work. 

JOWYVERSE by Jowybean

Scales and Jenny wip title


Millions of years ago the world was created with the purest of magic ,known as Spectrum protected by the Fabrications, Two ancient evils The Iron Spawn and The Galestormers stole some of Spectrum and transformed it in to a tool/drug called Spec that allowed them and other criminal empires to raise in power and infect millions .The remaining fragments of the Fabrications have recruited individuals on the planet who are gifted with the pureness of Spectrum and have formed SPUD (Spectrum Peace Unity Defenders) a global hero/ spy organisation to fight back against the imposing evils. Two new junior recruits have just been appointed to the movement, Scales and Jenny. SPUD believes They show a lot of promise in the ongoing fight. But with them coming from two opposite sides of the world can they get along with each other and Fully commit to the tough missions/adventures awaiting them?

These four characters are my favourites next to the protagonists   Project Scales and Jenny 1 by Jowybean The maid knights and Darria Hoodvick , A former Gangster are The antagonists rivals of Scales and jenny throughout the story. The Maid knights are from a separate show idea I had years ago  Minti Maids Knight Order idea by Jowybean but i always did like the concept and design for them so I redesigned the characters i liked the most and made them a part of this crazy epic, honestly I could see them been as popular as the heroes. :) a lot of my bad guys/ villians are linked to a mafia collective in this world and the maid knights happen to be hired to do jobs for them.  

Scales and Jenny will be a shouen inspired scifi fantasy epic mixing in elements of western influences.  

This will be a web comic for now but maybe a pitch in the future but i prefer the creative freedom a comic will give us. 

This project is a personal endeavour so I am not sure how often it will be updated
At this current stage we are trying to get a body of finished artwork/ world bible written up about the characters, world and lore. 

you can follow the rough process on my twitter and Instagram.…

 ;) (Wink)

drawn in photoshop CS6 with a wacom tablet pro in 1 hour

Is this Cute Meow :3 Win Winner Fail :crying

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MegaMovieMonday Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks very beautiful. I love how creative the designs for their outfits look. :)
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's real awesome! :)
tigreanpony Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
Very cool.
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