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Joshua whitehouse
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Freelance Illustrator/ kidlit artist working on a big epic webcomic but also creates some MLP/ fanart in his free time.

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Beanie Mind overload by JowybeanJowybean ID 2018 by Jowybean

Ok i have been meaning to do this for a very very long time updating all you beautiful bros and folks on what the heck has been going on with Jowy in 2018 and what I have planned for the future of my platform on DA.

I will try and keep this entry simple and not too long. :) 

So whats up with a lack of MLP content? 

Since the mlp movie came out I have felt myself drifting slowly away from the show and fandom. other interests have started to grab my attention more like anime and steam games, That's not to say I have changed in to an anti brony, far from it. Just that after you have drawn/ sketched Princess Twilight and her friends for almost 7 years of your life you can understand that it can start to get a little stale. I probably will still catch the show here and there and catch glimpses of the fan content but it will not be as prevalent as it used to be.

What about MLP conventions?

As of now i only plan to continue to attend Ponycon and maybe Griffish Isles in the UK as these are the only events I can afford to go too right now. but I would be lying if i did not want to go to an international brony/ geek con sometime in the future. 

one thing I do at cons now is make original one off illustrations/ canvases so it gives people and fans something more tangible of my art to buy rather then get prints of my well known digital artwork (some that go back to 2014-2015

Sample of what canvases I had at UK Ponycon. 

20181013 093642 (1) by Jowybean 

Am I still open to commissions?,

Yes I am still ope,n I really desperately need to update my stupid old commission page but feel free to message me if you want one and we can discuss the payment and details. 

how about that Patreon, streaming stuff?

Due to the current work flow/ projects I have a commitment too that take up a lot of my time, I have no immediate plans to get on those platforms. And to be blunt I do not have the money to get the right equipment/ software to stream or know what rewards I could offer to you if I ever do set up a consistent Patreon. Also one of the many reasons I have gone freelance is the fact that I like to work alone and i generally feel I can get a lot more done.

But these options are not off the table if I can figure out a way to make them work. 

What about Fanart in general on my DA account?  

Like i said before the fanart is not stopping at all even if my love of colourful magical horses has fallen that dose not mean thatIi have no MLP ideas/ images i want to bring to life sooner rather then later. ;p


Daz 1 by Jowybean  Pony WIP by JowybeanDbpXy3eX0AET7CK by Jowybean

But recently anime and older cartoons have become my new geek craze. after I did the June toon challenge and some of Inktober last year the memories of other animations or anime i watched have been filling me with tons of niche but fun ideas for art that expresses my love for these other properties that were mostly abandoned once I jumped on broad the brony train.

June Toon Sharp by JowybeanJune toon Fly by Jowybean

Slasher Brown by JowybeanAdiane by Jowybean

One other element of my fanart I want to do more of is scenic pieces similar to the ones I did this year. for me
the world plays a vital roles in making the story, characters, lore of another universe exciting to explore and experience. 

Tried Panzer by Jowybean

9th Heaven by Jowybean

Ok so What am i currently doing? 

this year has been a big transition period for me as a professional artist. thanks to contacts I started speaking with in 2017 I have had many wonderful opportunities to showcase my over growing original art work in my city with a network of art markets known as Digbeth Arts Market or DAM.

My own art style outside the fandom  has always been very unique in how I like to juxtapose fantasy and reality in the sense of merging cartoon visuals with real world inspired architecture and locations.

Examples of this sort of work below be aware a lot of these are still wip experiments. this is the sort of work I want to produce for a living and for exhibitions if I am lucky. 

Img 20181115 150223 973 by Jowybean  Jowy art 1 wip by Jowybean

Jowy art 2 wip by Jowybean

beside this new direction, I have over the last two years been working on some incredible hopefully big projects with clients and friends that are confidential as of now, but I am excited to tell you about them when the time comes.  

This year also marked the first time i started taking my own ideas seriously and thanks to the help of one of my clients/friends who I have helped on one of these 
confidential projects. He early this year started collaborated with me to bring to life an amazing and compelling narrative/ world we hope to turn in to a professional webcomic or show called Scales and Jenny ,which is just a place holder for a more epic name for the series we will come up with. I feel very inspired to work on this each week and post the updates on here as I feel this has the potential to go further then the last comic project i tired with my dad a few years ago about the internet. called Though my father plans to take that idea we worked together on and turn it in to a novel series so its not entirely dead for those of you wondering whatever happened to that particular project. 

if your interested in learning more about Scales and Jenny i have a gallery for the development…

Scales and Jenny promo by Jowybean

 What are some of my other pans/ future ambitions ? 

I do not talk a lot about my personal life as it mostly revolves around my art 24 7, however to this day I am still living with my parents and aim to move out in 2 years or so as the money I make is not a lot to afford a place of my own however I have been pulling my weight around and my parents and sister have been very supportive in my struggle to make it in this crazy dog eat dog creative industry.

 not being super easy and I can get easily distracted by less important work. This has been the case for the many years i have been on DA. however I am confident i will make these difficult financial years work in my favour :).

I actually have two big ambitions that are relevant somewhat to my DA platform so I will mention them here.


I would love to move to japan for a few years working as a professional artist working in the domains of picture books, comics and maybe street art and no its not just for the quote weeb stuff XD but to experience a culture I have secretly had a big fascination with for years ,even attempted to learn Japanese in my spare time ,which went as well as you could imagine when your doing all these minor and major art projects . :stupidme:

this one is more logical but I will continue to live in the UK for a few more years and become an established artist, who also works in the domains of comics,picture books,animation 
and street art.

I really do not want to sound big headed when I say this but I have such a wide range of artistic influences that I feel could not only reach the 
niches of our fellow geek culture but also the most modernist of modern art enthusiasts, that was a really odd sentence but i am sticking with it ^^; YOLO.  

I should mention that I ideally would like to vendor at lots of international cons in between these ambitions.

So to sum up this update

  •  My DA account is still going to be active with fanart (some of it will be more obscure). not as much ponies however not dead. all this will all depend on the jobs/ commissions i currently do and how urgent they are.

  • Commissions are open you can just message me. 

  • Conventions outside UK ones may be a possibility if my long running financial slump changes ( and this point about money covers pretty much all the other topics i covered earlier .

  • jowybean Pateron and steaming platforms will not be a thing for now until I feel like I have an idea on how to use them.  

  • The webcomic Scales and Jenny and original artwork are more likely to become more frequent online as my  audience increases and the workflow becomes more familiar to me. 

  • I aim to have a freelance career in the domain of comics, picture books, animation whether in my home country or aboard 

  • I have ambitions to move to japan and work there for a few years. and i am becoming a little more Otaku then Brony nowadays XD which is nothing unique to probably lots of you reading this. but I still wanted to make a note of it.  

One final quick note I just wanted to say thank you so much to those of you who still comment Favourite my old artwork shows me that no matter what happens to me as a creative and where I go in life i am happy to see my art has inspired and hopefully made a lot of you simile and improve your creativity as you have watched me improve and refine my talent . 

So that is it for now keep an eye out for December with my new monthly anime art challenge and potentiality some fun MLP artwork i have in the works/mind  ;).

if I do not post anything before new year ,which is most likely going to happen knowing me ^^; then Merry Christmas, Happy, Hearts Warming and New Year to all. hope you all have a blast.:) =D

until my next journal LATERs ;)

if you want to continue to follow me outside DA where i am, a lot more active my platforms are listed below 



facebook Jowybeanstudios - Home




Outside the fan art would you guys like me to post more about my personal project called Scales and Jenny? 

233 deviants said Yes please
31 deviants said Nah I am good





Outside the fan art would you guys like me to post more about my personal project called Scales and Jenny? 

233 deviants said Yes please
31 deviants said Nah I am good


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DylanCArt Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
You are awesome my friend.
SpiralAlchemy Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019
I am happy you are still doing art.
BikerCat666 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I've just seen your exhibition in Digbeth and I absolutely love your style! ^^
SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I hope you're doing awesome on this fine day/night/whatever it is right there x3

I had a bit of an opinion question I wanted to ask you if you don't mind? What do you think about artists that heavily watermark their pictures to prevent people from stealing it?
Do you think they're obnoxious or even cringy or do you see them as a necessary eyesore to protect their artwork?

Either way, you answer, I don't hold anything against you ^^ It's just a little questionnaire I'm running to check opinions of imo professional artists <3
WubcakeVA Featured By Owner May 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I messaged you back in January about commissions and you never responded, if you just said you're not taking commissions or you're busy I would understand.
Jowybean Featured By Owner May 19, 2019  Professional General Artist
OH carp so sorry for coming off as rude Wub it was my fault. I have not been updating my journal on here but i had a lot of work come up and was setting up and was setting up A solo art exhibition that just launched. i totally and stupidly forgot to reply and check my messages on DA, i have got rather lazy with this platform in recent months but that is no excuse not to have at least let you know what was going on before my time got competency occupied. I can still do a commission for you if your interested but understand if you you reject. again sorry for appearing rude and unresponsive. :stupidme:  
WubcakeVA Featured By Owner May 20, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its okay, I just wasn't sure ^^" and I didn't wanna note you again cause I didn't wanna be that guy lol "hey hey hey hey respond please!!!" XD But thanks for letting me know, I'll have to contact you later as I don't have the money right now, sorry!
Jowybean Featured By Owner May 21, 2019  Professional General Artist
that's fine sorry again for the lack of commutation on my part but look forward too hearing from you soon :)
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FirestormDangerDash Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2019
Man some of your art demands being painted and framed on a wall! It's like a museum of imagination!
Redgra Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Hello there how you do?
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