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juxtaposition is my middle name
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February 23, 1991
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Future of The Crazy Bean Mare Pony Art Man
Ok i have been meaning to do this for a very very long time updating all you beautiful bros and folks on what the heck has been going on with Jowy in 2018 and what I have planned for the future of my platform on DA. I will try and keep this entry simple and not too long. :) So whats up with a lack of MLP content? Since the mlp movie came out I have felt myself drifting slowly away from the show and fandom. other interests have started to grab my attention more like anime and steam games, That's not to say I have changed in to an anti brony, far from it. Just that after you have drawn/ sketched Princess Twilight and her friends for almost 7
Three Directions are better then one
Hello everyone, :wave: Hope you all are doing well and conituning to create art whatever it may be ;) Update time, this has been needed for a while. So Last week I was at MCMl London vendoring and for a first time in the London event it was not that bad I got to get to know my friend Limelight Press  so much better, and meet a lot of cool talkative people there. Anyway long story short the con season for me is over until Ponycon UK and maybe MCM Birmingham and London near the end of the year. I have already started planning for Ponycon UK what with the movie coming out around that time Now the big stuff. I essentially have broken my Freel
A Very brief Hello before big Jowybean update.
Hey Everyone, I have been meaning to update this Journal in a while but like always I got lazy and was too busy to update more regularly. Since January I have started a new side to my business and began work on some new projects that have given me a new burst of passion for original work. This dose not mean the fan art is stopping just means i have a new path to follow as a professional freelancer artist. Trust me I will explain everything after I have come back from MCM London next weekend which I am only  going to thanks to my extremely generous talented art friend Limelight Press [link] I am excited to be given the opportunity to vendor a


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DylanCArtStudent General Artist
You are awesome my friend.
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I am happy you are still doing art.
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BikerCat666Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I've just seen your exhibition in Digbeth and I absolutely love your style! ^^
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SpokenMind93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I hope you're doing awesome on this fine day/night/whatever it is right there x3

I had a bit of an opinion question I wanted to ask you if you don't mind? What do you think about artists that heavily watermark their pictures to prevent people from stealing it?
Do you think they're obnoxious or even cringy or do you see them as a necessary eyesore to protect their artwork?

Either way, you answer, I don't hold anything against you ^^ It's just a little questionnaire I'm running to check opinions of imo professional artists <3
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WubcakeVAHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I messaged you back in January about commissions and you never responded, if you just said you're not taking commissions or you're busy I would understand.
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JowybeanProfessional General Artist
OH carp so sorry for coming off as rude Wub it was my fault. I have not been updating my journal on here but i had a lot of work come up and was setting up and was setting up A solo art exhibition that just launched. i totally and stupidly forgot to reply and check my messages on DA, i have got rather lazy with this platform in recent months but that is no excuse not to have at least let you know what was going on before my time got competency occupied. I can still do a commission for you if your interested but understand if you you reject. again sorry for appearing rude and unresponsive. :stupidme: