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foul beast the Bag i must retrieve


Pony interpretation of my weekly submission to Illustration Friday… this weeks theme was creature and since there seems to be a lot of focus on the Everfree in season 4 :excited: :eager: thought i would create a speed painting with that atmosphere of adventure with our favourite rhyming zebra thrown in to the composition. =D

Check out my FIM title card project :thumbsup:…

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies  :peace: 

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

Like ithate it  its up to you not marmite :dummy:

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Indeed, my droogies, season 4 is coming. Now, normally I steer clear of anything with the word "spoilers," anywhere near it, but I did happen to catch wind of something from the Everfree Forest threatening our little friends. But nothing more. Naturally, I'm pretty damn excited to see what exactly awaits us in the premiere this month. As soon as I realized what this was I knew I wanted to review it. So, how's about we take a look?

First of all, very interesting design of the creature. A really foul looking beast indeed. The artist's style really shines with the design of the creature, just as it does with the background and surrounding forestry. It really does look like it could have crawled out of the bowels of the forest, with the ferocity to threaten all the Equestrians. One thing I think could have used a little more detail was the portion of the creature that was under the light. This includes the eyes, that flower thing, and those...things (wings maybe?) on it's back. With the low level of light on that area in contrast to everything else clinging to the shadows, I believe that area warranted a little more detail. That and I still can't figure out what those things are on it's back.

The scenery looks great the forestry, the brush, the vines everywhere. Zecora herself looks cool enough. You might want to knock her head down a couple notches. She kinda looks decapitated to me. Honestly I spend a couple minutes trying to figure out exactly which way her body was going, before I noticed she was going directly to the right. At first I felt stupid, but it kind of looks like she's going up toward the bag and is turning her head to the right. Maybe it's just me who saw that.

You probably already figured this out, but I like it. All in all it's very cool.

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This is fantastic! Except... what happened to her left hind-leg?
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Makes me think of Flaahgra in Metroid Prime.  Not that thoughts of Metroid Prime are in any way a bad thing.
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Also, I'm having trouble getting a sense of scale between the Monster and Zercora.  Is that suppose to be a normal-sized saddlebag that goes around Zecora's sides?
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Is that a giant flower attached to its head?  Why the thick purple lines around it, is it levitating?
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Looks intense!
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Next time I commission you, remind me to include Zecora into the composition, if at all possible. 
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I was wondering how she survive in the Forest.
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This needs to be the new antagonist from the Everfree Forest who wants to "destroy everything."

He/She has already got the looks of it.

Great Work! :D
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WOW, magnifico
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This would be an outstanding episode!
Wooooow! This is definitely a thing!
Really badass of a thing!
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This is really cool! :)   I love the dynamic movement, and I think you nailed the atmosphere. Plus, the flower creature is awesome. :aww: 
Great job! :clap:
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