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flower space universe 2

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 I launched a new style of mine I call Jowy B last year and this new area of mine specializes in bold colourful imaginative art and graphics of cute (mostly anthropomorphic) characters with a sci-fi steampunk spin

Here are samples and my links for Jowy B work though I will continue to post some of my favorites on DA as I really enjoy making this new style of work. 

  Velvet leaf 4 by Jowybean  Leaf by Jowybean   Beyond the castle by Jowybean

Also I know this looks very remise of MLP G4 but after been a part of the brony fandom for over a decade I just like drawing pony characters this way now XD. going to do my best with future pieces featuring non mlp ponies to make them distinctive and unique.

JowyB links

here are my other links

Instagram:Jowybean (original content then fan stuff) 
Twitter: Jowybean


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