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Peewee and Spike are the more i think about it rather adorable together. :hug:

 Experimenting with some new simplistic styles for backgrounds. :)

Check out my FIM title card project…

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace: 

drawn in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:

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When Spike acquired Pee-Wee as a pet, many of the baby dragon's fans saw it as a definite step towards a more leading and rounded role for the dragon: it was in the same episode that Spike learned to embrace his life among ponies, and getting a pet of his own, like the rest of the Mane Six, showed that he was getting close to some kind of parity. Unfortunately, Pee-Wee never returned onscreen - we only saw photographs of him reuniting with his phoenix parents, while Spike looked on with a guilty smile. But the phoenix chick has remained reasonably popular in fan art, especially in fan fiction, due to both his distinctive design and his symbolic meaning in Spike's life.

So, about this picture. We see Spike running along a stylized Ponyville road, while Pee-Wee floats in the air above him (it's equally possible that Spike is throwing him up). The two are smiling happily at each other. As an idea, this is pretty great: showing the relationship between these two that we never saw on the show, in all its childlike euphoria. And it's not an over-baked, often-seen and hackneyed concept - simple snapshots of Spike and Pee-Wee enjoying each others company are pretty rare.

For the most part, the picture is well-executed. Spike's expression shows the emotion that fits with the moment, and chimes in with what we know about how his face works. The dragon's pose is similarly spot-on, as is the light coming from the phoenix chick and pooling over him.

The background also looks good - it's got quite a bit of detail for a stylization, but is simple enough not to distract from the main subjects and doesn't deviate from the show's style any more than they do. One point of criticism, though, is that the background is rendered in green. For one, this is a colour that features relatively prominently in Spike's own design; more importantly, however, it's what you could call a medium-warm colour, being a mix of blue (cold) and yellow (warm). A colder colour, blue for example, might have resulted in a greater contrast between the warmth of Spike and (especially) Pee-Wee and the vast coolness of the world around them, giving them their own private bubble of heat that they share with each other.

Finally, we come to Pee-Wee. On the whole, he's well drawn, and convincing as the source of the light. However, the white colour of his outlines, while giving an impression of shining warmth, is also slightly irritating to the eye, especially when one looks at his leg and wings - they're reminiscent of a neon-tubing nightclub sign due to the concentration of lines in that area and the black "shadows" of the lining. In areas where the lines are further away from each other, like the beak and the body, this doesn't look quite as serious.

So. All in all? Well, you don't see pictures quite like this every day. There's a lot of quality art around on this site, some of it phenomenal in its depth, passion and beauty. This picture is more quickly sized up, but you can still spend quite a bit of time looking at it - partly because of its artistic quality, but also because of its message, the story behind it. It's quite a story, and it deserves to be told, and to be heard and seen.