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Woona want to be ya



:stupidme: for puns :no:

Wow is this week a hectic one new jobs and things popping up and lots of rescheduling and planning its nuts. I have not seen the new pony episode yet or continued with the title cards and my other personal projects because of the busyness :doh:. But I am setting aside a day this week just to concentrate on pony to catch up. Wait this is not a twitter or FB update lets move on.^^;

Just this afternoon while out for my daily walk I suddenly remembered a visual gag from one of my peanuts volumes that needed ponyifing so badly :rofl:. I put down my important work to get this done to a good standard. I also :love: :iconegophiliac: Woona

Hard core fans of peanuts may recognize the joke straight away because I did stylize it to look like Mr. M. Schulz. Lets just say Lucy gets what’s coming to her in the end. ;) =D

The bit with celestia I added at the last minute just for kicks and lolls ;p

This was a lot of fun to draw peanuts just like Garifled when I read them makes me laugh or at least simile just like ponies. :roll: :dance:

Until next devation LATERS ; )

Until next deviation LATERS: peace:

All drawn on Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

Like it:blowkiss: hate it :police: Its up to you not marmite :dummy:
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Well, I've only been watching you for a fairly short period of time so based on my brief experience I can summarize what I've observed. Generally your work is colourful and very lively, so it is interesting to see you make a piece that is very nostalgic in every manner. It's all black and white, the way the characters look, and the way you've structured it. All of these characteristics attribute to the successful replication of style you were shooting for, all the while still maintaining that this is a "Jowy" creation.

I find no major flaws in this piece, and pointing out any of the smaller flaw's would be an exercise in hypocracy and nit picking.