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Whats with the Flamingo?

What started as a silly idea of Discord riding a giant bird turned in to an even sillier sketch of flutterrjack going camping/ scouting with Discord, Not really sure where this doodle was going but hey it makes me chuckle :giggle:.

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

sketched and coloured in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 1 hour 

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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I wanna ride a flamingo that size. ^^

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Something I love about your art is that it looks quite original and not just, you know. Straight looking. I love their expressions, but I think you made a little mistake with Discord. you can only see one leg, normally, you would just see a little bit of the other leg... Also the background looks a bit rushed, I know that is the style but in my opinion, it doesn't look as nice with the characters. But would I love the most is all the detail, I am imagining it took you a really long time to draw Discord and all the things he is carrying. In my opinion, Applejack's and Fluttershy's tails look a little bit skinny

By the way you did an amazing job, couldn't of done better <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Have a nice day :3

Yoko ヽ(ΦωΦヽ)
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One of my favorite parts about some of your drawings is how you pay special attention to detail, and this deviation is no exception. You can observe this illustration and find all sorts of references. For example, you'll notice in Discord's bags the Smartypants doll, as well as the Celestia photo right next to it. Also, let's not forget Cheese Sandwich's red hat on top of the flamingo. The background colors are cloudy enough to not distract from the trio, and their faces are expressive enough to enhance the comedic effect. Just as a side note, Fluttershy and Applejack's outfits remind me of the Fire Site Girls from Phineas & Ferb. Bonus points if that's a reference! Your drawings can sometimes be very zany and cartoony, but what makes it especially work here is how the subject is so goofy and random, much like how Discord behaves on the show. So props to you, Jowybean, for given us another one of your crazy good drawings!
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Lol, all that weight and such, the flamingo can still carry Discord. :lol:
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It's the way to flamin-go these days. :D
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Why he is riding a flamingo? What's logic with him?

Beautiful work
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Discor riding on a flamingo is winning enough.
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YAY! Camping Discord!
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Rated CUTE for ponies
What flamingo? lol!
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Why wouldn't you ride a flamingo if you had reality-warping powers?
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It turned out wonderfully! There's so much character to this piece.
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More like, what's NOT with it? Why wouldn't you want to ride a flamingo rockin' a fez like that?
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Omgosh this looks like so much fun, and something that Discord would do, too. :giggle: Hahahaha XDDD Goootta love Discord. :P Haha Lovely job on the background; the details in it are simple but fills the picture just the same. I like how AJ almost looks like she's questioning Discord's gear. You'd think the ponies would be used to his shenanigans and strange ways. :P Haha Fluttershy on the other hand looks darling and excited about their camping/scouting. X3
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Yes definitely worthy of a chuckle, nicely done.
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Hah! His torch is an actual torch!
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personally, my question for him would be more like, "You are an avatar of chaos that can open gates to other realms and warp reality around himself with the snap of your fingers, yet a flamingo was the best you could come up with?"
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Well, they are the Equestrian equivalent of camels.
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:| (Blank Stare) My first thought when I saw Discord riding a flamingo........Nod Makes sense to me.
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Well, that was a FOWL one! XD
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This is so in character!!!
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