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What did I do?

Trying some anime tropes with ponies you know for fun

Check out my FIM title card project… I will have a new card done soon :roll:

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

drawn in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 3 hours

 Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:   

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Rainbow Dash: Owww! W-what did I do?
Applejack: That's for peeing on my farm. Ah'm sure you have altered my apples's flavor with your pee.
RD: B-b-but I-I can't hold myself for hours!
AJ: You better now or you'll have to buy all the apples from the trees you affected.
Fluttershy: Um.... Applejack?
AJ: What is it sugarcube?
F: I.... I saw you several time peeing in your own orchard.
RD: What?!? Oh my gosh AJ! How could you?
AJ: Quiet Rainbow! Uh... Mine's different.
F: Oh? Um, how different?
RD: Yeah! How different of mine?
AJ: Simple. I keep eating apples in great quantity. It's mostly my diet. So I simply reject the parts of the apple who resisted to my orga.. orga... from my body. So in short, I make apple.... pee.
RD: ............ what?
F: I have to agree with Rainbow. This is..... bull shit.
RD: Hey! I didn't say-
AJ: Oh yeah? Go ask Twilight! I asked her myself to make analyses. And she clearly said it it looked like apple juice to her!
RD: *smack her forehead with a hoof*
F: Um..... Applejack? I think you may got it wrong...
AJ: Huh?

Wonderful work
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oh pls, everyone knows she'd use a PINE-apple.
p.s. How DARE she use a coconut on the Dash!
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Vaya, me recordo al chavo del ocho y a Don Ramon
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That's what you get for boasting so much. :3
Oh, shove it. Dash's boast never hurt anyone.
Sparkshot11's avatar
Over defensive much? owo

Her boasts are REALLY annoying.
Did poor Dash, hurt You?  
Great work and very amusing.   
Please, it visits my bill Devianart and he/she says on that I make, please.   
I will thank it to you a lot.
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Now, see, that's exactly why you don't mess with cowgirls, Dashie. ;)

Wonderful work, Jowy! I love all these expressions. Particularly Shy there. XD
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
oh that's gotta hurt >_<
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Git rekt, sugarcube. 
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kawaii Fluttershy!!!
XxReonxX315's avatar
haha thats gonna hurt! xD
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dawwwww poor dashie x3
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LOL! MLP and anime tropes works so well together! :)
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"Damnit AJ, if you didn't want public displays of affection, you could've just told me! :("
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I want to know what would tempt Applejack to slug Rainbow Dash on the head. I guess she insulted Applejack's apples again lol 
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
For some reason RD's looks so cute here /)^3^(\
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Lol, ok this whole scene is hilarious.
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oh silly dash you know what you did, you did what ya did and AJ do'ed what she had to do.
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