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I saw episode three five hours ago guys it was enjoyable a little predictable :P but fun. ironically  one of my favorite parts was where my best pony Rarity got bonked on the head by the castle after doing her normal whining and complaining :giggle: and that expression made me lol

 I wanted to recapture that expression in my own style. For a change of pace from digital i wanted to practice ones traditional skills i used basic colour pencils as i have no popular packs. I plan this xmas to get some new traditional materials for my business as i want to make an effort to get back in to the hands on side of my art i used to have next year.

Check out my FIM title card project ;)…

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:

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I have also seen this episode and I can completely agree with you!

The colour scheme here fits wonderfully for Rarity trademark colours and the facial detail and shading for the whole body is extraordinary!

The tiny details of the foliage tangled in her mane and tail are perfect: not too much detail but enough to make out what it is, also the drop of drool is a nice touch, even if Rarity wouldn't agree.

However her right front leg looks a bit awkward with the bulges and dips.
I guess you were trying to keep to the anatomy (it doesn't bother me that much)
And some of the hooves don't sit flat on the ground.
But overall, the roughness of the drawing and the beautiful colour scheme hide them quite well and make a gorgeous result!
The background is also a nice touch

I can't wait to see what you'll do next! ^^
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That crazy face! She seems petrified by a Cockatrice's encounter. :D
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nice face expression
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Poor Rarity, she really didn't deserve THAT... you captured it perfectly, though!
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I'm no fan of ponies, but this is so expressive and I dig the colours.
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glad to hear that thunk u ;)
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Rarity's derp face was one of the best expressions of the season, just behind Twilicane.
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We all lol´ed at that scene, great pic
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I like to rewind to see the silly faces they sometimes slip in for a few frames.
Now why haven't we seen Rarity timberwolf cosplay yet?
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ha ha! like this picture its unexpected and made me laugh:) really amazing job with the little details as well. 
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One does not simply restore ancient tapestries.

This episode was so full of expressions, I like it!
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She just wanted to fix their tapestry.
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the horror the HORROR!
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For me it was a tie between this face and the one Applejack made when she got flipped back into the hall of knight armor.  Also, it's always refreshing to see traditional pony art.  
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Near the end pinkie pie is bouncing about and its so funny because she does this really weird smile
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That face is so good...
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