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Tried Smug

Bit of silliness semi inspired by last episode which was uh.... no comment ;) =D

working on something epic for it.

also eyebrows are fun to exaggerate

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies Peace 

drawn and painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 2 hours

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying: 
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I reckon that this was inspired by the recent episode"A royal problem". While I really like most of the other things you posted on DA, this one I wasn't too keen of. The design on Luna seems a bit off to me, while Celestia looks a little bit better. Most likely it's the eyebrows. Luna and Celestia would look better if their eyebrows weren't so big. But no matter, it still think it looks good with the chibi design. I'm thinking what a chibi nightmare moon and daybreaker would look like. You should try that sometime. I'll bet it would look good.
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Nice change of style, adds more variety to your MLP art. I feel that the expressions perfectly tied into how the characters were depicted in the latest episode. Especially Luna's expression is very similar to how she appears in the Royal Problem before the switch up. Come to think of it, maybe coffee is what Luna needed to get through her day. No with loses originality points because I've seen the concept of Luna and Celestetia having coffee in other fanart. The technique is mostly the usual, with the background being blank with the viewers attention on the characters. The character coloring having a clean look on the bodies with more sketchier handmade coloring with the manes. The character design is cute, but I think the eyebrows are too over-the-top. Maybe sometime in the future if you want to draw in this style again I would definitely suggest toning down the eyebrow size. Overall this was very interesting experiment in adding variety to your roster.
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Honestly I both love and hate the eyebrows for being a darker colored mare Luna is looking very well with those colors but you should blend them in more because it might look better a little more subtle
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Haha! I like the colours you use in their manes! So pretty!
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I love the eyebrows omg

And I can totally see them moving like the royal hair does
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Great pic Jowy! Mind if I post it on my site?…
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Sure go ahead ;)
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Thanks so much!
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Very cute style! :D That smugness is off the charts!
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Luna: Hey I'm Grump!
Celestia: I'M not So Grump!
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Oh my goodness, this is just precious!
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Reminds me of the Grump faces.
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Looks like something Dr Seuss would have drawn.
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OMG The eyebrows XD
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