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There be Timber Wolves in them woods Sis

Had another go at doing a 2D animated pony scene. :)

First one…

taking a lot of inspiration for the colour from the start of Beauty and the beast those countryside scenes always got me engrossed in the movies universe. 

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

Check out my FIM title card project… ;)

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 9 hours

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha:

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This is amazing. How long it took you to do all that background?
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Cool! The backround reminds me of a hand-drawn animated movie. Keep up the good work!
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Which took longer, the colouring for this or the design? You've got a gorgeous colour palette here. ^_^ Very jelly of your abilities. 
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Thank you in answer to your question the background took the longest. Making things pop in the background without looking like its in the foreground is always a challenging task when I design landscapes.
Phaedrolous's avatar
Hmm... Something about this reminds me of Yosemite...
WolfCookieQueen's avatar
I love it! It's so detailed, Applejack's expression is perfect xD
I just don't like the fact wolves are always "bad guys" :c
And lol dat poison joke in the backround
harwicks-art's avatar
Love it!  Beautiful painted background, and the cel art of AJ is adorable.
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The balance of color here is nice -- the mountain is highlighted, but your eye is also drawn to Applejack in the foreground. I also like how you seemed to stick to five main colors -- orange, brown, pink, green, and yellow -- with red and blue acting as "highlight" hues to spice the theme up a bit. The overall composition and eye direction is also well done, with the broken fence pieces pointing to Applejack... while some of the trees and bushes in the foreground and background point to the mountain. Great work! :)
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it looks so much like a disney cartoon
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Very nice use of color, I really like that russet palette. And AJ's a cutie there.
Artention's avatar
Love the style and the ensemble ! So immersive ! :D
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Nice colours.
Hunternif's avatar
I am absolutely mesmerized...
Btw, do you have an actual animated scene, or is it just this one shot?
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Amazing.. Gorgeous... Everything makes me fall in love with the colours <3 You are now my deity. I shall proceed to worship you. 
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The background is absolutely stunning, and the way you incorporate Applejack in to the picture with the shading and pose despite the separate style is great. I love this!
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YUS! There be timberwolves!
NicolasDominique's avatar
Nicely done. I love these details :D
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A range of o range
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Beautiful! I almost imagine an old Disney-esque fluid motion of animation here.
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