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The wonderful but old Herd

No before any of you ask this is not some epic thing i have been working on for the last few weeks this is a piece i made exclusively for Bronycon 2015  ^^ ;hee hee hee ... yeah a little late to the party with this but I wanted to share this sketchy masterpiece as a place holder to apologise for the lack of new pony episode art or sketches. 

two reasons why theres not been much activity from me in the fandom of recent...

number one freelance projects/ business... 

My personal and professional projects have been growing over the last few months outside the fandom and I have been putting most of my energy and effort in to that during the day, including setting up a new art business that I hope can be more profitable and reach a larger market then the current niches I am currently a part of.
Two interests

I have been liking the new season (though I am behind of three episodes) but at the start of the year 
close friends of mine got me hooked on to anime and now I have a weekly stream with them too geek out about the characters stories and other random stuff, Some gems for me this year have been Haruhi Suzumiya Flip Flappers, New Game, Non Non Biyori kemono friends, miss kobayashi's dragon maid and Girls und Panzer which was amazing (currently working on an illustration for that wonderful world right now :). I also have found new loves in Rick and Morty, youtube urban exploring/ creative videos and rewatching old classics like spongebob PPG and count Duckula ,to name a few. I mentioned it in a recent deviation that i wanted to create more art of other franchises/ characters i love, which I already started doing :) 

Afternoon Delight by Jowybean   Whoopass Throw by Jowybean

If anything this all boils down to me wanting to take a little bit of a back burner on MLP in terms of art.

Now trust me that I still find the world of equsetria and its ponies complex and great, and I will go and see the MLP film in a heartbeat when its released here. =D
If it helps (shameless plug) but I will be vendoring yet again at ponycon uk this year so do not worry guys I have not given up on the incredible brony fandom either.
I doubt It very much that ponies will ever end for me ... at least artistically. it just may not be as frequent in my gallery as you have been used to.

Now the big question of the monster image above this long description its a whole lot of horse famous memes, cons and ponies that took about 25 hours and 3 pens to get done. Sorry i am not going to send another 10 years labelling. But feel free to take a look in to the past, who knows what you may find or go ah I get that reference to. brohoof ;)  

I hope your continue to enjoy the art I make regardless of it been of horses or not. 

Take care everybody and pony and until the next deviation LATERS oh and  :peace:
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Seeing the preview of this got a "Wow, what is that?" out of me right away. Personally I'm a sucker for ink, black and white, and simplistic pen drawings; you obviously have some great skill!

This piece is very busy; there's so many characters and so much going on, there's not really any particular spot for the eye to rest. Whether that helps or hurts the piece overall depends on the observer. Personally, I think its crowded look aids the subject matter and setting quite well. I've never been to Bronycon but based on what I've seen in vlogs, you've really captured the energy of the con with this sheer amount of detail! Anyone could end up getting lost in this drawing for a long time.

I really love how much effort you put into this; every character has nice anatomy and a unique expression, and anyone could find something new every time they look at it. Excellent work!