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Tempted Diamonds

Technically Episode art but at the same time its not. ^^;

Yeah this one was just a entertaining and fun story to watch. 

I actually have a much bigger idea for the saddle row episode art And its probably going to take longer then a week for me to get it to the standard I invision for it. I think some of you may be able to guess what I will be focusing on ;)

Note: changed the word devine to its correct spelling, I honestly had no idea there was another way to spell it

oh well live and learn. ^^; :)

Check out my FIM title card project… new card coming very soon.

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies Peace 

drawn and coloured in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 3 hours

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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I like how "Angle Rarity"'s wings are strapped on XD
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The designs are from The Saddle Row Review.
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Devil Rarity: Personally, I don't see anything wrong with RED.

Angel Rarity: HUMPF! Look who's talking...

Devil Rarity: Are you insinuating that I have NO fashion sense!?

Angel Rarity: No, I'm insinuating that only a pony like YOU would be partial to such a HORRID colour as RED...

Devil Rarity: WHY YOU... *swing trident at Angel Rarity*

Angel Rarity: *dodges* HA! Missed me... *grabs halo and flings it like a Frisbee at Devil Rarity *

Devil Rarity: *halo makes a CLANGing sound as it hits Devil Rarity in the forehead* OOW! OOH! It. Is. ON!

*Angel Rarity and Devil Rarity scuffle ensues*
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I wonder if the other characters had their own shoulder angels and devils!
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That would be interesting to see.
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That was such a great episode ^_^ Total win on the art too.. hehe  I now want a shoulder angel and devil Raarity plush.. just cause ;) hehe  
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Shoulder angels are the best! XD
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Aww, why did you change "devine" to "divine"? :(
This was such a good creative way to show that a devil Rarity is talking there.
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That was great, love your art man.
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awwww =)=))=)=)=) so lovely art =)=)=)=) 
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deviously looking one one
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What you mean :)? Yaaaay :) :) :)
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Angel Rarity: It's for a filly dresses!
Devil Rarity: So?
AR: Seriously?
DR: What? Kids are always playful.
AR: How many hours have you slept last n-
Rarity: That would so daring! So bold! I must do it!
DR: Ha! Soooo, I won the discussion?
AR: *sigh* Go home, D.

Wonderful work. I can't imagine Pinkie's.
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Insert "Emperor's New Groove" reference here.
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I say go for it!
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She's making a$$less chaps, isn't she?
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Fallout 3 Karma Reference

Then Rarity lost her Karma, Devil Rarity is the best Devil. XD
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You can tell the shoulder devil is evil because they misspelled divine.
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"You come off it!"
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