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Sure Those adventures exist .....

starting up the next half of season 6 with an experiment of two images based on the new episode. Which was a lot of fun and hit a bit close to home with the convention setting. ^^;

The top scene I had a lot of fun painting interpreting all that merch that would be there. :)
And the bottom one was me exploring the fake 2d screenshot style I have a ton of ideas for.

Honestly I am thinking of making these two art styles the definitive sign of Jowybeans fanart. 

Check out my FIM title card project… new card coming soon.

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies Peace 

drawn and coloured in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 10 hours

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying: 

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Based on the different styles, I think you're asking when to use each one. I f you want my opinion, I would use the top one to draw certaing thouhts or dreams, perhaps an element of the show we don't see? Such as background characters, certain easter eggs in the show, or maybe conventions, where you let the background and characters explain the the scene for you. Te botton can be used for action scenes, where the characters are moving, and there's a lot of excitement and adventure. Top one for slices of Life, the bottom one for action scenes. They're both beautiful styles, but some styles are better at portraying certain moments than others.
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Ohmygosh this is amaaaaazing!!!
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Is that Ranma underneath Quibble-Pants' tail?
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they are making couple
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Yup. (Lol that body pillow in the background X'DDD)
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Woow! Really well done, for my opinion ;) :thumbsup: Good job.
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some pony's BS a lot and are not to be taken for their word. when dash says she knows do not question it or you will find yourself at ropes end.

and not like do with the pillow.
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Soooo colourful~
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I absolutely love this, especially the first one! The colors and luminosity (is that right?) are great. It looks glossy and glassy, and sort of reminds me of Maxfield Parrish, for some reason.
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It is real when you experience it for real.
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XD this is so true. Great art
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Very cool, you did a wonderful job.
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You simply CANNOT leave out dem pillows. Meow :3
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Obligatory to include that tied-up Daring Do pillow.
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This pics have intrsting atmosphere
And, emm... please, draw in bigger resolution (1920x1080 and bigger). Hi-res arts look 20% cooler)
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Hehe, love the look of sheer terror on his face :D
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I should give this episode a try.
More like PeePee Pants. XD I bet he gets jumped by Donkey Kong in bed every night.....
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Whoa, awesome.

Heh, Rainbow could also say 'I'm an Element of Harmony; if Discord and Nightmare Moon exist, why not Ahuizotl?"
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