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Aw this was a great episode in my opinion filled with a lot of character building and insight to dashes childhood.

heres two other exampes of my fake screenshot style  Good idea by Jowybean  We Can Finish The Story Tomorrow by Jowybean

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies Peace 

drawn and painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 10 hours

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:    
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Let's be honest. We've all been in Rainbow Dash's shoes with our parents. Some worse than others probably. But still.
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I just love this episode!
Rainbow parents are so awersome!
They shold adopted Scootaloo ;)
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Loved this episdoe as well. Their parents are so smothering but I loved them ^^
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Their conflicting expressions is what makes this great. 
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heh that Dash face.. I really really really liked that ep a lot.   Giggles Dashies mom Windy Whistles was uber cute <3, and just the story really flowed nicely, with a good lesson at the end.  Everything seemed nicely put together as a whole. :3  Great art!!! :D
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Aww! :3 Very cool!
Yep, this episode was great!)
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Dash's resigned expression really makes the whole pic.
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Curly: Pardon me if I laugh, Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!
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I cringed so much in that episode but I would love to have parents like that !
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It's their dream come true!
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Except it was the exact opposite of character building or insight to Dash's fillyhood. The problem is that with parents like those, she could not have grown to be who she is. She would have zero motivation to be better than others, because they celebrated her mediocrity and would therefor have not instilled in her any drive to succeed. Therein lies the problem. They gave her parents personalities that directly conflict with her own, instead of personalities that would result in the personality she develops. The writers for that episode know nothing about psychology. The parents were written merely for comedic effect, and not to be realistic depictions of parents a mare like Rainbow would have to have in order to be who she is.

If Rainbow has parents like them, WHY does she HATE losing? It holds literally no consequence, and so she would not care. But she does. Which means that her actual parents (unlike in the episode) would HAVE to have criticized her for losses. Only then would losing have the necessary negative effect, and cause her to hate it so much. The episode was bad and they should feel bad. They've just ruined another character's development with ridiculous parents that don't explain the personality the daughter has grown to have.
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You can't be so narrow minded that only this kind of parents can lead to this kind of personality, there goes a lot more to individuals personality than just his/hers patents, nurture is a part of what makes ones personality but there is also nature like for example bullying in Rainbow's case there is a lot of more but I don't want to go in full rant mode.
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It's not narrow minded, it's science. Your parents raise you for several years, and your interactions with them are what give you your personality. Your interactions with others only change it slightly, not to a large degree.

For example, if you are raised being told you're better than everyone else, if you are given everything you want, and if you see your parents mistreat others, you will grow up to be a spoiled, entitled brat that treats others poorly because that's how you were taught. (Diamond Tiara)

If you are raised by parents that do not tell you "no", and do not stand up for themselves, you will grow up to take advantage of them because you know that they will not refuse you. (Zephyr Breeze) (But that, too, was an extremely shitty episode, because it does not explain why Fluttershy is the way she is. Your personality is not genetic, and cannot be inherited through DNA from your parents. Making Fluttershy's parents the way they were has the same exact problem as Rainbow's parents. It's not believable if you have a grasp on psychology.)

If you are raised by parents that foster your interests and push you to excel, and have a role model to look up to and emulate, you can do great things. (Twilight Sparkle)

However, if you are raised by parents that do not push you to get better, that do not foster your interests, and do not critique your failures, you will grow up to be like a vast majority of people: the ones that do not have large aspirations, the ones that do not know what they're great at, the ones that do not strive to push themselves to being great at anything. These are Rainbow's parents, but this is not Rainbow.

Have you ever watched a sports coach give a speech to their players? They're NOT nice. There is a reason for that, though, and it's to force the players to get motivated to play better. Coaches will yell all the time. They will tell players what they're doing wrong, and how to fix it. They will push players to the brink of exhaustion and past their limit, because only through challenging yourself can you get better. It doesn't matter WHAT it is, you HAVE to challenge yourself. Military instructors are the same. They will yell and criticize everything you do, every minute of every day. They will make you do an unconscionable amount of PT (physical training) and they will constantly be in your face if you fuck up. They don't do it because they hate you, they do it to make you be the best damn military member you can be. It is a tried-and-true method of getting people to do things they'd never dreamed they'd be able to do. If they coddled you the way Rainbow's parents do, you would NEVER amount to anything. It's psychology. You HAVE to be motivated. You HAVE to be challenged. Rainbow's parents CAN'T do that for her. Which is why they were written incredibly poorly.

But please, do go into full rant mode and explain how coddling Rainbow for the first several years of her life could force her to be better. I'd be interested in hearing what you think.

Also, the only time we see Rainbow deal with bullying as a filly is when the bullies were picking on Fluttershy. She would not have the confidence needed to stand up to them if her parents coddled her for her whole life. She would not have the skill or technique to beat the bullies in the race. But, if she had parents that critiqued the things she did and pushed her to be better, she WOULD have both the confidence, AND the skill, required to stand up to the bullies.
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So your parents raised you to wage intellectual wars as an anonymous, desolate profiled internet warrior? :P

Honestly I don't understand how you can pour so much thought into comment debates and have a profile essentially empty, unless you're embracing the 'I'm using my anonymous identity to wage internet arguments while still remaining detached from all the drama I'm causing' look. In which case I have to say you're excelling at it. Of course, those of us who actually build persona projections of ourselves don't tend to listen to those kinds of people, sorry to say.

So while we're on the topic of opinions and thoughts, here's mine: if you want people to read your ranty comments, maybe put in some effort to look like something worth people's time. :meow:
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Actually, my parents "raised" me by arguing with each other about everything, before they got divorced when I was in middle school. My dad was an alcoholic, but living with my mom I'm not really surprised. My mother dragged me and my siblings to church every week until I moved out, despite my having realized what bullshit it was when I was 12. I've always been interested in science, and the lack of evidence to support any claims in a god helped me remove myself from the cult. My family has a strenuous (at best) relationship. My mother kept trying to pit us against our father after the divorce, and so alienated all of her children.

But despite being interested in many subjects, I'm great at none. I was never pushed to succeed, and so I didn't. I went to school to learn, but did none of the homework. I got high grades on all quizzes and tests, but failed many English classes for my refusal to write essays. I've always wanted to be a writer, and a musician, and an artist, and a scientist, and a hundred other things, but never knew which one to stick with, so now I'm doing none of them. The lack of discipline I got at home did nothing to help me find out who and what I wanted to be, so I coasted through high school, before dropping out and getting an HSED rather than spending a fifth year going to the high school and having to complete more English classes. I then went to college for awhile, but eventually dropped out of that as well. After that I joined the military, and spent 5.5 years in before separating. Now, I'm working at a store helping people put their purchases in their vehicles.

So, really, what in there screams "Profile Information" to you? Because I haven't done a fucking thing with my life. So yes, my profile is blank, but that's more because there's nothing of any interest about me worth noting. And also, assuming that since I don't have profile information, what I say does not matter, is a logical fallacy. If you disagree with what I say, give something to prove me wrong. Ignoring people who say things you don't like doesn't mean they're wrong, it just means that you won't listen to other points of view. If you HAVE something to refute my arguments, please let me know. Otherwise, you're not doing a damn thing other than showing your ignorance. Attacking me instead of my argument is also a logical fallacy. Just so you're aware.
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It's not an illogical fallacy for me to question your behaviors on this site when that's all I came here to do in first place. Just because I replied to you whilst you were in the midst of an argument doesn't mean I have a stake in the topic of it. I don't have opinions either way on what you were arguing about, I came here to question some blank profile throwing around dramatic response essays on an artwork I stumbled across. To me that looks a lot like someone hiding behind an anonymous identity to freely get away with stirring arguments and drama, which frankly you can't disprove until the day you put effort into your ten year old account on here. I believe in expression and putting your whole self into all things you do, so for me it doesn't add up to do what you're doing. Take that as you will, it's just my two cents.

Oh, and on the subject of profile building: Your life events aren't supposed to be what drives your profile information, so if you're truly trying to tell me you have a blank profile because your life isn't interesting enough then you're using the site wrong. DeviantART is a creative site, so use your interests and likes, not your in-person life. Doesn't matter how deplorable or uninspiring one's life may or may not have been, unless you're comatose and can't think for yourself, you have some level of imagination or creativity, as well as interests for some forms games, movies, characters, plots, ideas, etc. Use them.
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It is not a fallacy to question my behavior, but it IS a fallacy to disregard what I say because my profile is blank. And calling me a troll simply because I posted reasons for my disagreement is a fallacy. If you did not reply to me to refute my statements, but merely to call me a troll and ignore the things I've said, then you are the one who is stirring arguments.

DeviantART is a creative site, yes, but since I am not an artist, nor a writer, I have nothing of my own to post. I use it to watch other artists that make things I might enjoy. If I disagree with something, I will at least give reasons for my disagreement, rather than just blindly agreeing or disagreeing. I do not have to disprove anything, because it is YOUR job to prove your claims. Stop trying to shift the burden of proof. And no, my having an empty profile is not proof. Considering this is the only comment I've made that you've seen, you know literally nothing about the comments I post or what they may contain. You're making an assumption based on your preconceived notions, and disregarding anything that doesn't agree with you.
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Very cute, nicely done.
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The parents you wish to have, but then regret having once you get it. XD
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ha! Love the faces for all of them. :D
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This is excellent.
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