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New season means new episode art. :dance:

i will try and keep a consistency with each episode that comes out last season i did miss a few from season 6 that sadly I lost the files too. 

Anyway from the first 2 episodes I am very confident the new season will be awesome :) =D

For a change I explored visually more with the angry magic then the characters to give the effect a more striking, dramatic effect.

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:
painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 7 hours

 Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:

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A good art piece that represents the second episode in the new season premiere. Starlight's rage is much more intimidating here than in the actual episode. A nice idea to have the rage cloud represent what is she thinking about which foreshadows what happens later in the episode when the jar breaks. Trixie is on top of the frame ,as she would probably like to be, being as smug and self-centered as ever. Some character development, but that's a story for another day. I don't know if they establish in the episode, it's a interesting touch to include the tea cups in the cloud possibly representing Starlight's annoyance with Trixie's obsession with the teacup spell. Overall a great piece of work from an episode that along with this piece makes me wonder how Trixie's and Starlight's friendship is stable. Specially after two previous episodes. Let's see what else this season has in store and what art piece you can make next.
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I watched the episode "All Bottled Up" the day it came out too, and I honestly this that it's my favorite episode out of the 2! I really loved how you mixed up the elements from that episode and put it all in one picture. Really does sum up the whole story without having to watch the episode at all. I think one thing that could be changed about this image is Starlight's facial expression. If you recall the Season 5 premiere, then you'll know Starlight made a face while yelling "QUIET!!!" at Twilight. Hasbro noticed how popular that face has gotten, so they reused it in this episode. Otherwise, this is another great piece of art!
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I know the season just started, but I have to be honest, this was NOT the best way to start it (in my opinion). Looking back, I feel that Starlight Glimmer's anger could have been explored more, or portrayed even bigger than it was in the show. But then again, maybe that's as far as the writers COULD take it (for any number of reasons).

That aside, when I look at this, I feel that you have captured her anger very well. The emotion is there, and you do not skimp on the details. Everything from Starlight's mane when she's exhausted, to the teacups and the teacup poodle, to Trixie's smug smile, the amount of effort you put into this is very evident.
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Who can blame her for being ticked off at Trixie for her bad attitude. If she thinks that's bad, she'll hate to see Filli Vanilli (I know I do)
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Now she knows how I feel about the mane six disobeying their elements (especially Rainbow Dash)
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Starlight looks demonic here...I LOVE IT!
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I love the glare too
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Somewhere between episode art and a title card...

Lookin' good!
 Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz 
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I love how her anger contains Trixie in a teacup. XD
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OMG perfect :-D
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Ever get so mad it materialized?
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Great art!! I really liked that episode ^_^ great character development for Trix and Glim Glam <3 .   Heh and the Mane 6 totally blowing it at the escape room with that song.. XD bwahaha  priceless!!     Great rage face and love how Trixie's in the teacup. hehe 
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such a priceless expression x3 
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Somepony os mad! 
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Teacups of anger !
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Trixie: umm Starlight, are you alright?

Starlight: I'm..................fine.

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Here Starlight, take a Snickers .

Wonderful work
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Kratos taught us what happens when you accumulate an excess of anger for a long time ... create a phenomenal videogame so I hope yours is in STEAM Starlight.…
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Oh man, I love this one so much!!! :love:
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That is one unhappy pony!
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