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Stare Out Peak

The world we all adore :) :love:

Think of this as a sequel to this painting Behind the city of the Rulers by Jowybean  expect a lot more colourful.

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Until next deviation LATERS :peace: 

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet pro in 4 hours

 Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha  
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I wonder how this could be a cute, win, or fail :/ Ah well. Now for critique... Quite a large scope you've used here, and it's all got some detail, great or small. While it's not as defined as the predecessor to this piece, it does still give plenty to look at. To put it simply, I was surprised to see things such as the airship dock or the Cloudsdale Stadium along the mountainside, or the train and tracks hidden beneath the clouds; instead of just using Canterlot, you added in the extra detail, and it works wonders for it.

In regards to style, it works well with the expansive look of the piece; it keeps the depth and scale while also blending in color that gives the impression of a mountain peak covered in clouds and shadow, to the distant land and river, fading into distant mountain range, along with the land in between. However, the rain could have been done better; the clouds themselves work well enough, but the blue and white lines do look a tad rushed and out of place.

Overall; it has a grand scope, mixed in with a style that compliments it greatly, as well as having good focus on color and detail in the right areas, making this a truly great piece <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconrainbowdashlaplz:" title="rainbowdashlaplz" />
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Reminds me of the Frontline battles that the Germans and the British had. The mountain scenery makes that look so familiar
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The expanse is amazing. The depth of the picture really pulls me into the image.
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Absolutely beautiful.  Great capture of the illusion of flight.
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My... god! Talk about plucking all the right heartstrings. Just the sheer scope, beauty and power of this painting moved me deeply. I can't even find any better words to describe the impact this has on me.
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That is a moment you really wish to fly like Rainbow Dash. Or just fly in general. Like a pegasus.

What a scenery!

Awesome work
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Wow, what a view! :D
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I do not think I could critique this... I am simply overwhelmed by how freakin incredible this piece looks!
Seriously, this image is simply OUTSTANDING! I would love to have a full size poster of it.
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this is really well made good job on it
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DUN-DUN-DUUUN! (Screeee!)
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Man, you are really stretching out your legs! It looks amazing!
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Damn, these details... Awesome!
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This is so majestic and breathtaking!!!
The drawing really has a magical feel to it! :)
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Absolutely fantastic! Well done!
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Amazing! Instant Watch.
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To see the world on the power of your own wings -- sounds great. my imaginings of Canterlot Castle, there is a flat plateau both behind and to the right of Canterlot Peak, where the ponies who work at the Castle have their homes, with the Zeppelin base and a switchback road descending down to the farmland below. The Canterlot Canton is actually the size of a small, compact city. And far above, the remaining Windigoes survive in the cold, blizzardlike conditions of their Preserve at the Canterlot Peak summit, unable to descend downward due to the lack of unfeeling cold meanness in the world of Equestria now...
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Oh wow, O love this composition. You did a really good job this could be in a museum, what media did you use?
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Its all photoshop using a wacom tablet pro 
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This is SO GOOD...
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