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I think a royal place like Canterlot deserves to be a little brighter at night then just a few castle windows.;P

I never liked the idea of the entire city been inside the castle because judging by the way the show dose scale its going to be a very tight squeeze. I Personally like to imagine it spreads out across the mountain area and dips down in to private neighbourhoods with parks and lots of manor house. (Yes i have been over thinking this). 

I am trying to bring my MLP art up to a very cinematic and epic level as someone who's been inspired by a lot of animation i want to start creating pieces that have a lot of depth and look like they be long in an animated film. :)

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

Check out my FIM title card project… ;)

Speed painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 2 hours

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha   
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This is brilliant

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Words fail me.
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SO Beautiful, I luv this.Twilight (Squee) Plz 
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"Mommy, look! There's stars on that hill!"

"Those aren't stars, my dear. That's Canterlot."
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This has 756 upvotes on Derpibooru, and it deserves every. single. one of them!
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I was surprised at Sweet and Elite, having the whole city in there. These are rich people, which means they must also have mansions, big businesses, and let's not forget all the embassies. Surely Canterlot is a popular enough place to have sports teams. The place should be a metropolis.
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Looks like the beginning of an epic saga with adventure, danger, conspiracies, prophecies, tragedies, loads and loads of characters, story arcs and council meetings.
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"I want to start creating pieces that have a lot of depth and look like they belong in an animated film."

Well, I think you just did. Holy crap this is incredible! Everything from the pose to the position to the colors to even the title works perfectly! I could picture this being the big epic scene in the last words of a song.
At the beginning, the foal is tired and getting in her bed after a day out in slummy neighborhood. She starts to sing about life being hard down here, but then starts fantasizing about Canterlot, just up the mountain. Daydreams of her with child like expectations of what it would be like to be rich and living up there (or, if she's more modest, not rich, just dreaming of a better life). At the end of the song, the tempo slows down, view shift back to her in her bed singing in a longing voice, and her final note is her pressed up against the window in this scene, and the camera zooms above her head to a full view of just the castle. Then, the same view of the castle shifts to day, view goes back to the filly. She awakens and realizes she slept in for that important thing, and, somehow, in her being late or missing it, she somehow lands herself in a situation to get into the high life.
I think the song would be called "Just Up There", "Just Up the Mountain", "Up There".

I couldn't stop typing after I started. This all came from looking at your picture. It's wonderful.
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My my.. this is wonderful.
Is that Twilight or some other pony?
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It does look magical, lit up like that. :)
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This looks beautiful. I love pictures with an athmosphere and yours has one. It gives me a feeling of nostalgia and happiness, remembering the big city lights when I was a kid. :) I also imagine Canterlot to be a huge city, and I think you did a brilliant job catching this moment on a picture. Please draw more like this, because it is really amazing how a picture can not only look like something, but makes you feel something. And this artwork did this for sure.~
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Looking at night out the window of the castle kind of warmth and feeling of loneliness. Hug 

but it is beautifully Heart 
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Your imaginative headcanons produce lovely results, Jowybean. It combines cinematic and young intrigue wonderfully.
I'm eager to see what else you have lined up! Epic. ^^
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My jaw dropped
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It's funny how often an image that sticks out while I'm browsing drawfriends on EqD turns out to be one of yours! The detail you've put into the window lights is amazing. The scale of real cities is so huge that it's difficult to imagine how Canterlot could fit on a mountainside. Perhaps it only has a population of 1000 or something. 
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Sum day wittle twilight iz guna have her uwn caztle !
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this is incredible!!!! I love it so much! 
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Well, I actually think Celestia deliberately keeps Canterlot relatively dark by decree (little to no electric lighting even though it's shown to actually exist elsewhere). Why? Two words: Light pollution.…

She didn't need to be giving Luna/Nightmare Moon another reason to be pissed off.
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That is simply beautiful
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Love it

The Ghibli feels are exuding.
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