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Slice of Equestria 10

Its been a while but  I am going to continue to explore the FIM universe as I have envisioned it for year.

Welcome to the Slice of Equestria series friends, this is my way of still been engaged with the fandom while still making unique fanart for a show that gave me a lot of inspiration. :) 

changing up the formula with something more organic and natural.  

I have some more ideas in the works and hope to get more out this summer. 

here are others I have made in the meantime 

  Slice of Equestria 4 by JowyB       Slice of Equestria 8 by JowyB  Slice of Equestria 6 by JowyB

 until the next pony deviation

laters friends 

time: 30 hours



here are my other links

Instagram:JowyB (original content then fan stuff) 

Twitter: JowyB

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This is so beautiful! <3

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That is gorgeous on so many levels. I love how detailed and elaborate the background looks :D

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Very nicely done.

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That was one of the weaknesses with G4. There were great lands and lore, but since it was "for kids" that didn't go deep enough. Anyone who knows where to get fresh herbs and plants and how would do that. While avoiding possible threats and dangers of course.

Wonderful work

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Awesome work there! :D

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For a sec I thought they were tripping on acid xD

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Looks like a tropical jungle.
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very cool! Well done, nice to see those two in your style once again, and the surroundings sure look great too :)

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This is beautiful, great work

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I love the vibrant colors and the glowing flowers.

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