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So there's been another character relevel recently for Gen 5 Zip Storm who seems to be related to Pipp Strom , also that pony phone . I have decided that from now on i am just going to add backgrounds to G5 pieces because I can not get enough of imagining the world this early on XD.   

 I am feeling very inspired and honestly pumped for the new movie and show to come :). seeing as they are not limited to flash animation anymore I am really interested too see what lore and world they build for us this time using their new CGI style. it feels very refreshing and almost nostalgic to know that the universe of mlp gen4 is continuing after a decade of twilight and her friends. :)

oh and you can betcha that i will be making Slice Of Equestria style images for gen 5. :) 

until next deviation friends


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Super cute! Love to see you inspired.

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absolutely love that background

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Very nicely done.

Pipp and zipp are the best sister siblings ever 🥰😍❤️🌈!!!
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Aww they both look really cute. Great job!

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New canon stuff, new tons of pony art. Stuff. I guess since a lot of fans artists drawn them pones with phones, they thought it could a good (marketing) idea to add them in the show.

BEautiful work

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I vote that we call all pony phones "iPones" from now on. Nice art btw :)

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Pretty sure they were already called that way before G5 appeared.

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