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Ride The Dream :FIM title cards series



[imitating Rarity] "Sweetie Belle, get me some red ribbon! No, that's not red, that's cherry! No, that's not red, that's cinnamon!" For Pete's sake, it's all red!

confession time i never had seen this episode or two others from season 4 until yesterday night i know bros i am a moron :stupidme:  

This one creeped me out a little as it was rather effective with the dream sequence. 

i based the colour scheme and design off the Metallica album Ride The Lighting, Thats the first thing that comes to mind when i hear this title. XD

For new comers The FIM title cards project aim is too create a quirky unique title card art for each of the episodes of the show we know and :love: =D Link to the series gallery ;)…

This year if i ever get time (With Buck coming up this weekend i am doubting that very much) :faint: i plan to start making more title cards based on fan creations including Friendship is Witchcraft and nonpony related shows. :evillaugh: 

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

 painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 9 hours 

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha:

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