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Pulling Behind Epicness

Picking out them nasty Weeds completely ignoring the beauty that is the Equestrian landscape. 

Yeah I went over board with unnecessary Background detail for this Twijack piece but Darn it guys the world of Equestria is too epic for me not to interperate in all my pony art.

Twijack tumblr :

updated every week usually on a friday. : )

Check out my FIM title card project… new card coming very soon.

drawn and painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 2 hours and a half

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha 
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Outstanding landscape!
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Not part of your best pictures, but certainly a nice "slice of Life". What I love the most about it is the detail. Not only are the lines and colors clean and sharp, but the little added perks, such as he pink in Twilight's wings and the dirt on their hooves make it seem more realistic and riveting. Another thing that I always enjoy in your drawings is mixing colors for illuminations. Twilight's mane, the background, the dirt, it all comes together to form a very bright and cheerful sight. However, I will have to say that there are some elements I don't enjoy. For one, because Twilight seems bright and close to the view, AppleJack seems to be in the background, with less light and less eye-catching detail. I would suggest either adding sunlight at an angle so that they stand out from the background, or adding a bit more luminescence to AppleJack's coat. But that all might come from the fac that AppleJack is best pony in my book. But I hope this review helped you.
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Wouldn't it be more wise to pick out the weeds with a pitchfork instead of pulling them out with your mouth?
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Heroes have to do some ingrate chores too. That's not the earth pony way, Twilight! Even if your hooves are in the dirt.

Wonderful work
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Great scenery!
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All it needs is Fluttershy trying to rescue the weeds. It's perfect otherwise. :)
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Outstanding work of art. :)
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Very cool, really love your art.
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Always enjoy seeing AppleJack getting some love! Wonderful pic by the way
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Get those nasties out!
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Well, you know what they say: girlfriends who garden together, pardon together. ...that was the best rhyme for garden.
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This is so cool and picking weeds is tough ^>u<^
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