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Miss Book Fringe

Green could be her colour :shrug:

Check out my FIM title card project… new card coming soon ;)

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted and drawn in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 6 hours 

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:

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I love This pictures of Twilight
unicornsmile's avatar
Her dress reminds me of Tiana's.
Robshi's avatar
A big win for cuteness. Twilight looks beautiful in that dress! I guess she must have dressing herself up for a while seeing how Spike is reading his comic. =P
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nice, I think that color green matches her very well.
KieDough's avatar
GORGEOUS! I wish I could be the lucky stallion ;P

and I think you just proved green IS her color!
DeJiKo07's avatar
Twilight looks so beautiful in that dress! :)
neoshifter39's avatar
i love the way twilight looks! aka she looks pretty.....dont tell anyone.......  (spike being board in the background XD)
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Twilight looks smashing in green, superb job! ^^
SwordSparks's avatar
Getting ready for a special occasion, mon cherie?
Nightfall314AJ's avatar
But green is not a creative colour.... o-o 
Zorbonaut's avatar
This day is going to be perfect...
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Green really heightens the glory of Twi's purple.  NICE!
JetPowerFIE's avatar
It's funny to think about Twilight doing any makeup...that just shows you how well the show's done. And that is a very lovely dress!
templar127's avatar
So much princess-y! XD
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