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Mid Night Stadium

This was inspired by three things, one the still incredible children of the night. two the beautiful art of the (clouded one)
:iconrain-gear:(He likes clouds ;) .And three the lack of any new luna pieces doh. Moon  princess is always welcome in Jowybeans gallery ;) 

Wip:Mid Night Stadium WIP by Jowybean

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 15 hours 

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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You know, it was your piece that inspired me to check out the "Children of the Night" video, and all I gotta say is damn. But your piece compared to that video is like…DAMN.

First of all, your drawing knows exactly what it wants to present: a peaceful evening with Princess Luna. Luna has been depicted in the series as having a temper, shy, awkward, and unable to properly interact with other ponies. In this drawing, I feel this is her breakthrough. This is the solitary moment in which she finally learns to connect with her beloved citizens of Equestria compassionately. She's growing; she's developing, and I'm here to help her. It understands the tranquility of "Children of the Night" and manages to recapture the magic it generated, only in a better light.

This drawing does follow the same idea that other drawings have, that being Luna's calm demeanor, but this deviation presents it in a totally different manner. The idea itself is not original, but the technique makes it FEEL original.

Speaking of which, I'm just gonna come out and say it: the technique is OUTSTANDING. Like jaw-dropping outstanding. Every street light, star, building, colosseum, every single flippin' detail is not only beautifully lit and beautifully colored, but everything is right where it needs to be. Anything you move will just bobble the whole piece. I especially love Luna's hair. The way in which it lights up in different colors creates this feeling of happiness. In fact, you remember in Friendship Games how whenever the Mane Six would express their own Element, they would light up? Imagine Luna doing that, but with her hair lighting up instead. It's much more intriguing to examine that aspect of the drawing with that idea in mind. The idea that Luna's hair lights up whenever she does what she's been meant to do all along: making others feel at peace.

I feel at peace with this illustration. Exhaustive, undeniable peace. Not only that, but I also feel like I'm in the action. Like I'm Peter Pan, soaring through the sky, joining Luna on the enchanted journey. All my troubles are subsided for this one moment. This one extraordinary moment where I bask in the midnight atmosphere. I sense freedom; I sense tranquility; I sense happiness in its purest form. This drawing doesn't just make me feel magic: it makes me believe in magic.

Even without your Work In Process board picture uploaded, I can tell that you put a lot of heart and effort into this illustration. Beautiful work, my friend. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
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Just too beautiful. I love this image. She's in my favorites.
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This is beautiful..
*gets close with a hang glider*
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I've been in need of a new Luna wallpaper! :D Thank you! :lol:
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I don't know what to say.....:o (Eek) Clap 
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that's.....that's............I don't even know what to say. I'm speechless.
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this is absolutely amazing, i would give it a hundred favorites if i could
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Wonderful Dreamlands ^^
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The colours in her mane and tail are amazing!! Like the Northern Lights (that I have, sadly, yet to see :c ) and that perspective, wowza!!! Most impressive ^_^ :3 Trophy  total win ^_^  Luna out for a night flight. :3   /Only/ 15 hours!!  0_0
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This was cool, always love your enviroments.
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Oh, She looks so pleased, so beautiful.
The colours, which plays in Her hair and tail, are just stunning. Magnificent. And so are the details.
Cloudsdale is really full of activity at night time.

Wonderful work. Thanks for piece.
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Wonderful work. Love all the details.

But what sport exactly would be played in? I the middle of the night?
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This is...  Wow...
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Her hair is the universe. WHAT SHAMPOO DOES SHE USE?!
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Sorry to mix settings, but it looks like she's flying over a Quiddich stadium.

Do pegasi have a form of 3D rugby or polo? 
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Thank you kind sir for the award ;) much appreciated :hug:
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ARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BOOOM* (Head explode because of AWESOMENESS!!!!)
love the setting!
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