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ManeNights VS background 6

This was an exclusive I was selling at BUCK two weeks ago :phew:. I decided to share it online after the fad has died down. Its very much a fan made piece with the roles reversed :) for both the groups of characters we know and love dearlyit was a lot of fun to design the other nightmare 6 and put ghost mare in there ;) lol. This idea is nothing completely original because who has not thought of this concept in the fandom already. But now its been Jowybeanifed so enjoy. =D

The digital painting style is a little more looser then I would have liked it to be ^^; but overall it’s a colourful illustration.

Check out my FIM title card project…

Until next deviation LATERS :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha:
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I've been looking through this artist's gallery for a while, and I'm quite impressed with his vast expanse of fanart for MLP.
He devises ways to merge fandoms and create new and more fabulous art! He puts his mark on the Brony world with his unique style and creativity. The way he weaves the colors in his art is amazing and he can be said as a true inspiration.
This particular picture is truly amazing. The expressions of the Nightmare 6 scream insanity and hatred, while the faces of the knights are proud and ready to fight. Little details in this make it all the better. The little party horn in Nightmare Pinkie's mouth, the Doctor's fez and the little 'wub wub' on a box that DJ Pon-3 holds.
It is a truly wonderful piece and I can say that I shall definitely be recommending this to any fans of the show.