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LA Part 5


Luna Academy.

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Last your see of Pinkie freaking out ... for a while ;)

A BIG BIG thanks to my friend :iconhandyj443: for being my editor and co writer of the series

credit goes to the one and only :iconblackgryph0n: for the cutie marks used. 

Check out my FIM title card project… i will have a new card done soon :roll:

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

drawn and painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 11 hours (I had a lot of fun designing the tone and colours for Pinkies Room) 

Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:  

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This comic is beautifully made as always! The time and effort put into this is almost hard to believe, especially since it's a comic series. Even official comics aren't usually as beautiful as this! However, nothing, not even this piece, is perfect.(Although it almost is!)

To be honest, I think the speech bubbles look rather rushed, although this could simply be an effect of how much time was put into the rest of the comic. Next, in the final panel, Fluttershy's hind legs look a little bit odd to me, and appear to be straight, rather than jointed. Finally, the thing that bugs me most is Fluttershy's attitude. She seems rather aggressive, and it's not really like her. However, none of these things bothered me to the point that it distracted me from the comic too much, or caused me to like it any less, so I don't think you should worry too much. I look forward to the next comic!
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Is this still happening?
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As we approach the 1 year anniversary of this project, all I can say is MORE!!!
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Fluttershy wow, don't act like a pervert
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
link for next is missing
what would be something is the voice actor who plays these two read the comic aloud.
Huh, fast action :D

btw, link to next comic isn't working, it was easy to find, but it would be nice to read without interrupts :p
You also seemed to have skipped #6
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These have really good dynamic motion. ^_^
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my two favorite characters going on a trip, how could i not love this comic! ( btw i dont ship them :3  ) 
warlord487's avatar
That was actually pretty sweet.
R10tPol1ce's avatar
Oh, I definitely like it.  I like it a LOT.
jyroman53's avatar
Oh shet Fluttershy is getting angry ! EVERYPOONE TAKE COVER !
StreamSecret's avatar
I love your art style! Love 
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Holy crap, look at this comic!  It sings to my eyes!:Big eyes: 

Beautiful!  I can't wait for the next one!
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The background is really NICE! characters are not that good but bgs are wonderfull
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Oh my goodness your art is so pretty.
The backgrounds especially! I could stare forever...
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Fluttershy saying "holiday" sounded so weird in my head... Fluttershy is British, confirmed.
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I think I'm with Fluttersy...  Getting real tired of Pinkie's shit right now.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, So Fluttershy is Pinkie's very special friend interesting. Though Fluttershy's face in the last panel priceless.
OssyBeatBreaker's avatar
I'm just waiting to fluttershy to burst, and pinkie pie cry and  become Diane Pie ( I know I am evil).
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