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LA Part 4

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YES :excited: ITs back even though it was near the end of august I last updated the series. ^^; :doh:

Luna Academy has not died :phew:

essentially i got to a point where i really had no idea where the story was going. But thanks to my friend and editor :iconhandyj443: we have come up with the entire script for issue one and planed ahead for where we will be taking the series its looking a lot more promising and i can not wait to see what you guys think of it. :eager:
I mentioned this on my updated DA journal but i plan to do get as many pages done of issue one before the end of 2014. :)

credit goes to the one and only :iconblackgryph0n: for the cutie marks used. 

Check out my FIM title card project… i will have a new card done soon :roll:

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

drawn and painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 11 hours (mostly because of the Ponyville backdrop)

Like it:blowkiss:hate it :police: its up to you not marmite :dummy:  

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Fantastic art style!! I love it!! :D
applejack stop sending these y,s im not gay
"YAWA"? "WYAA"? "AYWA"? What does that even mean? Why did she leave us these letters?
firecharge44371's avatar
It was a joke. I was saying that her message delivery could use some work by pretending to not be able to figure her message out.
HansRod's avatar
you missed the joke
ChaoticNote's avatar
Now it's time to wait again... hooray.
FralLeman's avatar
A W A Y LOL   Oh that's good.  And she'd probably do something like that in the show too.  Love it.
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Very dynamic drawing style you have here, so much movement in stationary images and unbelievably expressive faces. Coupled with clever jokes and excellent comedic timing, this is the work of a true expert.
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Fluttershy's logic kicks in... then Pinkie's hit hard enough to induce an headache. Poor Fluttershy. Another case of "I care for my friends, but Oops! Sorry" moment.

I can hear Dash telling: "A "Y"? Who gimme that? That's not even cool". Lyra probably shouting "Look Bonbon! Look! See? I told we can run only on our hind hooves!"

Wonderful comic.
zaiali's avatar
Nice, liking it so far.

They need to make an episode with just these two, honestly. 
Pinkie dropped them all a letter about her and Flutters departure. *badum tiss*

Might as well drop them a note as well just in case. (musical note) XD
mickey16's avatar
It's like that Spongebob moment when Patrick's parents left him a note (music note) and there was a letter (B) on the other side. The he said he had a message from them, which was the real thing.

Loved this part in the comic, plus the expressions in the last three panels were spot-on.
RDkinght's avatar
How would rarity know if that letter is a "M" or a "W"?
Zalleus's avatar
Maybe there's a "this side up" note on it. Or rather, "don't hold it this, this, or that way" knowing the pinks.
jyroman53's avatar
"GIve them a letter" and I was imaginating a simple enveloppe !
KingArthur5's avatar
And with that, the little pet birdie Fluttershy was keeping in her bag was no more.
RedVelvetine's avatar
I love this so far! Fluttershy and Pinkie are my two favourite ponies and I love that you've paired them up together; I've always wondered how Fluttershy would cope with having to deal with Pinkie being Pinkie. ^_^ I can't wait to see what adventures they're gonna get into in this story! Also, love the art style! 
Sturmlion1's avatar
The looks on there faces, the sheer confusion in them.
This update made my day :)
RoarOfTheNothernDuck's avatar
This be good man. Could you tell me how you color them drawings so well? Shit look like it came out straight from a museum, dog. Those lighting effects be hella tight, all painterly looking and shit especially that part with the away gag, which was pretty fucking funny not gonna lie, and they all look like the words be glowing and shit, how you do that? Not to mention your painting give me them Studio Ghibli vibes, makes me wanna go out on an adventure, dog. Thanks a bunch if you reply, you a great artist. 

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