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How is the little one doing?

Aww backgrounds my new mission in my pony art. :)

I going to try and paint more interesting scenes in varied environments. this is Froggy Bottom Bog with Flutters meeting a mother cragadile.

another example here:Early Pie by Jowybean 

Check out my FIM title card project… I will have a new card done soon :) :doh:

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 9 hours

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha

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"You treat us well, Fluttershy: we will treat you well also and be your defenders"

OK, Iron Will, now you are in DEEP trouble, hornhead!
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Really Fluttershy, little one?
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Helloy my  deer alligators. Today you are really cute! :) (Smile) 
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Awesome background with this. :)
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Awww! Look at their little (big) faces!
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I can see Fluttershy doing this. Mostly after the guilt she must have felt when they caught that big one in "Princess Twilight Part 2". Well, it was legitimate defense. I hope we'll see them again. Same for the timberwolves. I keep wondering if the hydra is still there....

Yeah, a great background does make a simple drawing look much more complete. And more awesome. Like this one is.
such a fluttershy thing to do... some day shes gona come across an animal too hungry to care and just get eaated
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Oh wow, so detailed and the lighting and texture very awesome, nicely done.
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You know, there's something amusing about scared and meek Fluttershy walking up to freaking CROCODILES (or are they gators?) and saying "hey, what's up?"
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Cragadiles.  Because Rockadile is copyrighted or something.
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Wow...really lush & detailed!
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