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Her Kingdom come

That Season Finale was really something huh ;P

i think twily has become my second favourite mane 6 next to Rarity (though i love them all). Alicorns are scary when you give them a LOT of power :wow: 

I did two different twi speed paintings each about 30 minutes experimenting with expression and colour. :)

i also have a recording of the WIP for both these pieces on my youtube channel.…

going to make more an effort to record my WIP from now on =D 

Check out my FIM title card project…

Until next deviation LATERS :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet

is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:    
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You fought as though a goddess.
And so they will bow before you like one.
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Kind of a fail.  I wouldn't knock the quality, since both were done in 30 minutes.  But that uber-Twilight piece feels pretty generic with all the others that have come out.  And I'm not even sure what's going in the second one.  Is more than one pony suppose to be bowing to Twilight?  What is she looking at?  Why is her hoof up?  What is that... thing, sticking out of her back past where her mane falls?
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reference to the song demons by imagine dragons?
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All hail to The Princess of Friendship.
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Quite the juxtaposition here. Loving the left, very intense and like the look. Great use of color & the blur-ishness. Not sure how to feel about the right, which scene was that inspired by?
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Her will be done, on Equus, as it is in Heaven
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Twilight was cool when going overpowered.
Um... Hello ^^ im just another pony muscisian who thought the first picture there would be awesome art for my upcoming song. So i would like to know if i could get permision to use it. You can add me on skype here: Peterengelbrecht2000
And i would also like to know if you had a wider version of it ;3
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I see the left as her all like "tirek you destroyed all them books i'm going to rip out your bucking heart" and the right as her like "there gone..... all the books are gone..."
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well if you think about it 1 alicorn ain't that strong actually, as we got tirek (draconequus and a LOT of ponies) against Twilight (4 alicorn powers) and normal alicorn power can't defeat discord (celestia and luna).

so in theory if all ponies of eqeustria should "strike" they can overpower twilight if she doesn't get any help.
(EoH are OP)
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What's the context behind the darker image on the right?
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Your favourite is Rarity too? OMG! So good! you know, rarity's fans are wel... a rarity to come by! I'm even more pleassed with your works now hahaha
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Oh man, it looks amazing!
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Your wacky style works quite well on the left picture!
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It was the greatest ep of all time!  A "kiddie show" with high fantasy worthy of Tolkien and fighting like in a dark video game, but family friendly enough for all ages to enjoy and for families to watch together...and with a great lesson to boot!

Bravo to the MLP FIM team and to you for creating this homage.  It truly shows the epicness of the ep.
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz: She fights like I did when I was young. :)
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Oh damn that left pic is fucking brutal ♥
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It was a truly epic finale
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:winner: totally win :D badass twili is badass
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Rarity is best pony!!!!
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