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Heart for the Fillies and Colts

felt in the mode for some nurse red heart this afternoon :aww: also trying out a slightly different painting style. Surprised there’s not more art of her in the fandom :wow: or i could just be completely stupid and there’s lots of fanon for her :P. ^^;

Check out my FIM title card project…

Another title card is on its way folks I am getting back on track with the project. :)

Until next deviation and tomorrow LATERS :peace:

is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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This is really good, it is a pretty plausible and very in-character scene, the outlines and shading is very good.

There are a few instances of color bleeding I can see, on two spots of the her hoof there is green coloring from the blanket, and one blue spot on the blue one's eye bandage; the blue one's chest and back are aqua green instead of blue like him, or green like the blanket, which looks kinda strange, a darker shade of blue would have probably been better.

Overall the reflections and spots of lighting are kinda the same color as the wall, which looks kinda strangely impressionist, but does make the piece look unique. The reflections on the wheel of the wheelchair are floating off of the wheel though.
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I-its too cute...
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HNNG! *Falls over dead due to cuteness*
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I didn't say it earlier but I enjoy this.
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Man I like how you drew the lighting, The room, The Ponies and all. It's like Psychonauts and Fallout 3 and Ponies and a touch of Disney animation all in one.
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the colt looks like my ponysona, resonance. :3
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It appears to be stretched vertically.
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God Damnit Redheart!
Got the feels again!
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Good nurses do an incredible job, more than people realize.
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Indeed. A for a pay that is often not-that-rewarding.
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Aww, so touching. *sniff*
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Definitely :meow:!
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I'm suddenly super inspired to write a fanfic about this. I will add it to my idea queue. :)
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Nice piece :3 I agree, there should be more pics of her :3
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Aww It's cute :3
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This is incredibly cute! I adore the heartwarming nature of this picture.
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I think that this is really cute
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:iconfeelplz: My god damn feels. :iconfeelplz:
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Friendship is a loving heart. 
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Is this the aspect ratio you drew it in?
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Would be a perfect illustration for a brony charity program about sicks kids.

Beautiful and touching work
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